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Learning Latin Can Be Fun with Visual Latin

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Visual Latin

Visual Latin…  Where do I even begin this review?  This program has really changed things around our house.  I was one of those homeschool moms who never thought that we’d be studying Latin.  It wasn’t even remotely on my radar.  I admit that I didn’t place a great deal of value in studying Latin.  Boy was I wrong!

From day one, Munchkin loved – yes, loved – this program.  She wanted to watch the lessons because her teacher, Mr. Dwane, makes Latin fun and entertaining.  After watching just the free introduction lessons, she asked me to get her a Latin-English, English-Latin dictionary.  She then began grilling Daddy about what different Latin words meant.  I had planned on covering one Latin lesson per week. She had other ideas.  She dove into the program head first and never turned back.  Her Latin lessons came with her in the car.  We began to be quizzed about Latin everywhere we went.

The first day of the lesson, she just watches the 3 short videos – grammar, sentences, reading.  The next day, she watches the same set of videos except this time she does a worksheet after each of the videos.  It’s low-key, interactive, and fun.  It totally clicks for her.  She doesn’t even mind the reading portion where she has to translate a passage of Latin into English.  To help with the vocabulary, I made up a flashcard based board game for Munchkin to use for review based upon the vocabulary words from the first 10 lessons.  While this is a fun way to review, the truth is that she’s always reviewing on her own because she’s always looking up words in Latin on her own.

Munchkin is enjoying it so much that when Grandma and Grandpa came to visit, she couldn’t wait to show them the Visual Latin videos.  The nice thing about the Visual Latin program is that you can download the videos, or you can order the videos on dvd.  The downloads come with both an HD version and an iPad (which can also be used on Android based products) version.  We loaded the videos on our tablet, so we could take them on the go.  Munchkin thinks this is great.  She likes taking her Visual Latin with her.

The more we study Latin, the more “ah-ha” moments we seem to have with not only Spanish, but also English.  Vocabulary seems to come easier to Munchkin as she can see many word roots.  We received the first 10 lessons of the program, but Munchkin liked it so much that we went on to purchase the rest of Latin 1 (30 lessons total).  10 lessons cost $25 for the download (our preference) or $30 for the dvd (a discount is available when you purchase the dvd with all 30 lessons).  You can even try out the 4 introduction lessons plus the first 2 regular lessons for free!!

Visual Latin can be turned into a full high school credit by completing Visual Latin 1 and then completing the first 17 chapters of Lingua Latina.  For a second credit, students can work their way through Visual Latin 2 followed by finishing up Lingua Latina.  Since Lingua Latina is completely in Latin, a good Latin-English dictionary is recommended.  I would recommend that anyway as it’s helpful while going through Visual Latin as well.

I am now a believer in the value of studying Latin, and Visual Latin is an excellent way to go about learning it.

I received the first 10 lessons of Visual Latin as a member of the TOS Crew to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own.

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