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Tag: California

Exploring Big Bear: Discovery Center

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

On Monday, we decided to take a break from the desert heat and head over to Big Bear for the day. Since we hadn’t been over there yet, this was more of an exploration drive rather than a trip for a specific purpose. Of course, Daddy decided that we would take the back roads to get there which meant off-roading in his truck. The dogs even joined us on our little adventure. The back roads were quite bumpy and narrow at points. Having another vehicle coming from the other direction took some fancy maneuvering for both parties. D loved every…

Exploring Joshua Tree: Eureka Peak

Posted in Family, Outdoor Adventures, and Photography

We’d been working quite hard at getting the house unpacked and set up the last couple of weeks, so Saturday afternoon D decided that it was time to go do something fun. We stopped by one of the Joshua Tree National Park entrances to talk to one of the park rangers to get an idea of what all was available as well as pick up a park map. The park ranger that we talked to was extremely enthusiastic about the park and the activities there, so it was easy to get excited about exploring everything. Because we were getting started…

Exploring Joshua Tree National Park

Posted in Family, Outdoor Adventures, and Photography

You already know that we love going out and exploring nature. One of our newest stomping grounds for exploration will be Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree National Park is known for it’s Joshua Trees which are part of the Agave family of plants. I know, big surprise, right? It’s also know as a great place for off-roading, mountain biking, hiking, camping, horseback riding, and rock climbing. As we explore the park, I’ll be sharing pictures of the places that we go. You know me and pictures… there are sure to be lots of them. lol! Once the weather cools…