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Category: Military Life

Halloween Fun

Posted in Family, Holidays, and Military Life

On Monday, D’s work had some trick-or-treating set up for all the kiddos. They had candy stops at each of the conference group rooms. They also had some food from Chili’s for everyone, but unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. Someone decided to be a genius and do a fog machine which ended up making the whole building smoking. It set off the fire alarms, and the fire department had to come to clear out the smoke from the building. Since Monday evening is Little Song Bird’s gymnastics night, we had to scoot out of there fairly quickly, so we just…

Sneak Peak at the Marine Corps Museum

Posted in Family, and Military Life

On Saturday, we were invited to a sneak peek at the brand new Marine Corps Museum. It wasn’t completely finished yet, but it was still amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished product. We’ve decided that we’ll just do 1 war or era at a time since there is so much to take in. They have actual airplanes and helicopters soaring overhead and tanks and other vehicles on the ground. The figures are cast from actual Marines in the area. They look very realistic. The grand opening will be on Nov 10th — the Marine Corps Birthday. D will…