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Dixie’s Surgery

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Pre-surgery Tumor

Today was quite the interesting day which involved a “field trip” to a local vet to have Dixie’s tumor removed from her leg. Please note: some of this images may be disturbing to some people. I decided to post the pictures in black and white, so the images will be a little less graphic than their color form.

Prepping for Surgery

Dixie, if you recall, is Munchkin’s foster horse at the horse rescue. Dixie came to the rescue with a large tumor on her leg. It needed to be removed, so Isabel (the owner of the rescue) set up an appointment with the vet. Because this is Munchkin’s horse, we were invited to come along. We learned how to properly load the horses into the horse trailer and then pulled the trailer to the vet’s office.

Beginning Surgery

The procedure itself was quite interesting, so we, along with two other girls who volunteer at the rescue watched the entire surgery.

Removing Tumor

Everything went well, and they were able to remove the large tumor.

Watching Procedure

We thought Dixie’s polka-dot leg wrap was pretty cool.

Finishing Procedure

After the surgery was completed, we took the horses back to the ranch and got them settled in for the night. (We had to take Dixie’s daughter, Gypsy, with us as she, at this point in time, does not do well without her mother around.)

All Bandaged Up

We’re exhausted, but it was a good day overall.


We can’t wait to see how Dixie responds to her tumor being gone once the incision heals up.

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