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Author: Heather L

I'm proudly married to my best friend, an active duty US Marine. I'm happily taking care of our homestead and our ever growing entourage of animals. I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, crafting, diy projects, and various outdoor activities. It's all about enjoying the journey of life with my family.

More Halloween Fun

Posted in Family, and Holidays

On Halloween night, we didn’t go trick-or-treating. We headed over to the October Fun Night at church. Little Song Bird had a blast. They had all kinds of different game booths set up and the kids could go as many times as they wanted. They had candy for the prizes, so she still came home with a good bit of candy (not too much though). They also had a moon bounce and puppet show. All of the games were based on different things in scripture — like David and Goliath (they had to shoot a marshmallow with a slingshot through…

Halloween Fun

Posted in Family, Holidays, and Military Life

On Monday, D’s work had some trick-or-treating set up for all the kiddos. They had candy stops at each of the conference group rooms. They also had some food from Chili’s for everyone, but unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. Someone decided to be a genius and do a fog machine which ended up making the whole building smoking. It set off the fire alarms, and the fire department had to come to clear out the smoke from the building. Since Monday evening is Little Song Bird’s gymnastics night, we had to scoot out of there fairly quickly, so we just…

Mommy’s Birthday

Posted in Family, and Holidays

Little Song Bird baked my birthday cake for me. It was her first cake ever, so it was a very special cake. She did a wonderful job with it including the yummy homemade frosting. I helped a little, but for the most part, it was her work. I loved all the gifts and cards that I received. Thanks to all who helped me have a nice birthday!

Sneak Peak at the Marine Corps Museum

Posted in Family, and Military Life

On Saturday, we were invited to a sneak peek at the brand new Marine Corps Museum. It wasn’t completely finished yet, but it was still amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished product. We’ve decided that we’ll just do 1 war or era at a time since there is so much to take in. They have actual airplanes and helicopters soaring overhead and tanks and other vehicles on the ground. The figures are cast from actual Marines in the area. They look very realistic. The grand opening will be on Nov 10th — the Marine Corps Birthday. D will…

Chick-fil-A Field Trip

Posted in Homeschooling

As you can see, we seem to be taking advantage of some yummy field trips lately. Today, we went to Chick-fil-A to see how they run their business. Chick-fil-A genuinely cares for its customers and employees. They are not open on Sundays because they believe it is a day of rest. Since they are not a public business, they don’t have to be politically correct. We learned about all of the food prep and some of the safety measures that they take for their employees. Did you know that they can not get stuck in the freezer? It only locks…