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Review: Already Compromised

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Already Compromised by Ken HamEvery year, thousands of kids head off to college.  Some are Christian kids.  Others are not.  What do they have in common?  They will all be attending colleges/universities/tech schools where their professors will play a key role in helping shape their worldview.

As Christians, we want our kids to grow in their faith, not walk away from it.  We try to nurture their faith in and love of God.  We teach them and give them guidance.  We look at different schools with our kids to see how the schools line up with their aspirations for the future.  We may take into consideration the worldview of the school.  They head off to school, and we pray….

When kids head off to secular institutes for higher learning, most of us (Christians) would expect that the worldview of the institution will not line up with our own belief system.  We can prepare, to some extent, our kids for the assault on their faith.  Some kids can handle this – others can’t.  I know I personally was hit with a lot of crazy stuff when I was in college.  I had more than one professor make it their job to try to “make” me go against my beliefs/convictions.  For me, that strengthened my resolve, but I saw many more who ended up walking away from their beliefs.

If we send our kids off to Christian universities/colleges, we probably would expect our kids to have their faith and beliefs encouraged/nurtured.  We’d know that there would be some professors whose beliefs didn’t completely line up with our beliefs, but we would see that as the exception and not the rule – especially if we’d carefully chosen a school whose statement of faith lined up with our own.

Sadly, based upon the research shown in Already Compromised, we would most likely be wrong.  Many of the Christian colleges and universities are now teaching concepts that go against Biblical teaching.  They have bought into the evolution hype and believe that creation and science don’t mix.  The crazy thing is that it’s not the science departments that are most likely to buy into evolution – it’s the religion departments.  Yikes!

Already Compromised gives a good number of facts and figures which show that many colleges struggle with practical application of their statement of faith.  They may say they believe and teach one way, but, in practice, they are actually teaching something that lines up more with evolution than creation.

The main thing from the book that stuck with me was the need to be diligent about making sure the colleges/universities that we send our children to either line up with our worldview, or we make sure that our kids know that the teaching will be contrary to the worldview we believe.  It cemented in my mind the importance of making sure our kids are strong in their foundational beliefs.

We need to know what we believe and why we believe as we do.

It’s critical that our kids know what they believe and why they believe the way they do instead of believing just because mom and/or dad said so.  We also need to make sure our kids understand evolution.  We don’t want them to be exposed to it for the first time when they head off to college on their own.

Obviously, Ken Ham has very strong viewpoints which people either love or hate.  Because he stands very firmly for what he believes, he takes a lot of flack.  Yet, it’s this type of thing that we should want for our kids.  We want them to be strong and courageous when it comes to their beliefs, their faith.  We want them to take a stand and not be moved.

I received an electronic copy of Already Compromised to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review. A positive review in not guaranteed; all opinions are my own.


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