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Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! Lapbook

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I designed this lapbook based on The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved study guide available free online from Answers in Genesis.

Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved Lapbook

Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved Lapbook

Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved Lapbook

Lesson 1

1. Real Science

  • Why is the sort of science which we normally see as ‘real’ unable to give us certainty about past events?

2. Bible, Evolution, Dinosaurs?

  • Briefly explain dinosaur history using evolutionary assumptions.
  • Briefly explain dinosaur history using Biblical assumptions.
  • Why are the two explanations so different?

3. History Book of the Universe

  • Why is the Bible the history book of the universe?

4. Christian Worldview, Secular Worldview

  • What is the difference between a Christian worldview and a secular worldview.

Lesson 2
1. Dinosaur Bones

  • How do we know dinosaurs actually existed?
  • How do paleontologists determine the bones they find were likely from a dinosaur?
  • What characteristics were common among dinosaurs?

2. Dating Methods

  • How do evolutionists assign ages to dinosaur bones?
  • List some assumptions behind the dating methods used by evolutionists.

3. Biblical Worldview

  • What is the meaning of the word ‘day’ as it is used in Genesis 1?
  • List what God created on each of the six days of creation.
  • Acording to the Biblical worldview, when were dinosaurs created?
  • According to the Biblical worldview, how old are dinosaur bones?

4. Thousands not Millions

  • Give two examples that show dinosaur bones cannot be millions of year old.

5. What did dinosaurs look like?

  • Describe what some people believe dinosaurs liked like.
  • On what do they base these conclusions?

Lesson 3
1. T. rex

  • Describe the true history behind the life and death of the T. rex.
  • Research further the background of the T. rex skeleton, “Sue”. Who found the skeleton? When? How? Relate the controversy that surrounded this particular skeleton and tell how it was resolved.
  • What are some popular misconceptions about T. rex’s abilities?

Lesson 4
1. ‘Dinosaur’

  • Who was the first person to discover dinosaurs?
  • How do we know that dinosaurs lived with people?
  • Discuss the origin of the word ‘dinosaur’.
  • Why isn’t the word ‘dinosaur’ found in the Bible?
  • What were dinosaurs called before the word ‘dinosaur’ was invented?

Lesson 5
1. Dragon Stories One & Two

  • Research some dragon legends and record the descriptions of the ‘dragons’ mentioned.
  • Draw some pictures to go with the stories/legends.
  • Do these descriptions match with the creatures that we call dinosaurs today?

Lesson 6
1. Meat/Veggies, Choices, Carnivore, Sharp Teeth

  • What was the diet of all animals and humans in the very beginning of Creation?
  • What changed the entire Creation?
  • When did humans and animals begin to eat meat?
  • If an animal has sharp teeth, does this automatically mean it eats meat? Why or why not?

Lesson 7
1. God’s Judgement, Animals & the Ark, Size of Dinosaurs

  • Why did God judge the entire Earth?
  • What types of animals were on the Ark with Noah and his family? What types of animals were not on the Ark?
  • What is the average size of a dinosaur? Where dinosaurs on the ark?

Lesson 8
1. Dinosaurs? Dragons?

  • When and where did Job live?
  • Describe the creature call Behemoth. How large were the cedars of Lebanon?
  • Describe Leviathan.

2. Extinction

  • Why do animals die out today?
  • Why do you think we don’t see dinosaurs alive today?

Lesson 9
1. Living Fossils

  • What is a living fossil?
  • What is the significance of a living fossil?
  • What are some basic problems with the idea that dinosaurs turned into birds?
  • What did the ‘dinosaur to bird transitional’ fossils turn out to be?

Lesson 10
1. True History of Dinosaurs

  • Why is the understanding the true history of dinosaurs important?
  • Explain some theological problems with accepting evolutionary ideas.
  • Biblically, why can’t fossils be millions of years old?

2. The Gospel Message

  • Explain the Gospel message beginning with Genesis.

Extra Components

  • Dinosaur Copywork Pages
  • Dinosaur Copywork Pages 1
  • Dinosaur Copywork Pages 2

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  1. Michelle

    This is great! We have that book!! The mini books look fantastic. Great job! I would love to do this with my kids this fall. 🙂

    July 6, 2009
  2. clare

    Thanks for all your work!!. I’ve been using some of the creation pages, and will be using this too. God Bless you,your family and the ministry

    March 1, 2010
  3. Misfit Mom
    Misfit Mom

    Bless you! What a wonderful resource!!!

    July 29, 2014

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