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Tag: Gardening

First Veggies of the Season

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

Back in March, we created our new raised bed garden at this house using lots of composted manure for the soil. Between being in a new state and using a new medium for growing, I wasn’t sure how well our new veggies would grow, so this really was just a test run for us. We planted a few tomato plants (which haven’t done very well due to critters), some sage, some mint, a few pepper plants, some potatoes, and lots of squash seeds. Slowly we watched the herbs and squash grow. Pretty soon, the squash was taking over the one…

Easy Watering System

Posted in Homemaking, and Photography

Project 365 – #179 When Munchkin and I decided to plant a garden this year, we knew that we would need to set up some type of easy watering system for it to survive.  As much as I would love to say that we would be faithful watering it, at minimum, two times a day, it’s just not realistic for us.  Hey, I know our short comings.  😉 I looked at the different watering and timer systems that were available and ended up using one that has a small tube to which you attach little sprinklers.  We picked up a…

Modified Square Foot Garden

Posted in Family, Homemaking, and Photography

Project 365 – #111 Since we’re going to be home on a regular basis for the spring/summer this year, Munchkin and I decided that we would go ahead and plant a garden.  We knew that it would need to be a raised bed garden due to the soil conditions, so on Tuesday we headed over to Lowes to pick up some lumber, soil, and plants.  Once we arrived home, we started the project. On Wednesday morning, I decided to complete the project in the morning as I knew that we’d be headed to D’s pre-operation appointment in the afternoon.  We…