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Meal Plan Monday

Posted in Homemaking

I do my meal plans a little different than many. I prefer to have a list of items (usually on a dry erase board in the kitchen) that we will have to eat for supper during the week. Each day, I pick out what we’ll be having from that list based upon what is going on that day. Here’s the menu for this week: 1. Baked Mac ‘n Cheese 2. Grilled Cheese and Soup 3. Spaghetti 4. Steak with veggies 5. Loaded Potatoes 6. Tacos 7. Cheesesteaks

Recipe of the Week — Breakfast Burritos

Posted in Homemaking

I’m going to try to start posting a recipe each week that we really enjoy. Notice I said try. lol! 😉 As some of you know, I’m really big into freezer cooking or plan ahead cooking. One of the things that I like to do it prepare breakfast meals ahead of time for D. It’s helps him out when he’s running slow in the morning or just wants something different. Here’s one of the recipes that I make in advance and put in the freezer for him. Breakfast Burritos12 eggs, beaten1 lb sausage, browned1/2 C chunky salsa2 C shredded cheese…