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Author: Heather L

I'm proudly married to my best friend, an active duty US Marine. I'm happily taking care of our homestead and our ever growing entourage of animals. I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, crafting, diy projects, and various outdoor activities. It's all about enjoying the journey of life with my family.

1st Day of 3rd Grade

Posted in Family, and Homeschooling

It’s hard to believe, but yesterday (September 18, 2006) was Munchkin’s first day of 3rd grade. Things will be a bit more difficult this year, but we both agreed that we would try our best and try to continue to have fun. We have many different field trips planned throughout the year including some yummy ones like a field trip to CiCis pizza. We plan on heading to Williamsburg to visit Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown over Columbus day weekend. D has a long weekend, so we’re going to camp down there. It should be a lot of fun if…

Daddy Daughter Day

Posted in Family

Last Sunday, I wasn’t feeling well at all, so Daddy and Munchkin decided to have a Daddy Daughter Day. They went to church together and then, decided to head over to the officer’s club for brunch. They decided to take Daddy’s motorcycle to the brunch. She looks so little behind him. The guard at the gate asked D if she was going to fall off???? Like he would let her ride back there if she was going to fall off. After brunch, they washed the vehicles, played around a lot, and went for a short bike ride. In other words,…

Getting Ready for G’ma and G’pa Knepp

Posted in Family, and Thoughts

Grandma and Grandpa will be heading to our neck of the woods on Friday. We plan on going to the Evening Parade at 8th & I on Friday evening. I’m sure we’ll head over to Carl’s Ice Cream on Saturday and to the Officer’s Club for brunch on Sunday. Munchkin is looking forward to their arrival. We’re continuing our decluttering quest. We’ve been seriously sorting and going through everything in the house. Room by room, box by box, the house is in the process of getting re-organized. We figure we’ll get everything done by the time we’re ready for the…

A Glance into this Past Week

Posted in Family

We’ve had a busy week and weekend. Here’s a brief recap…. On Tuesday, we headed over to Art from the Heart (a great pottery place) to participate in the homeschool craft for the day. Nope, I can’t say what it was as it may spoil the surprise for someone 😉 We had a great time as always. This is one of Munchkin’s favorite places to go. On Thursday night, I helped set up and stuff over 160 bags of school supplies for the kids at the back-to-school party. These were just bags from the people that donated school supplies. I…

Back to Work

Posted in Family, and Thoughts

D headed “back to work” this week. He said goodbye to Henderson Hall and headed down to EWS at Quantico. It’s nice to have D’s commute time cut way down. He’s also, for the most part, going to be home earlier in the day. At the same time, he’ll be doing a lot of studying which will take some getting use to. Munchkin is having a hard time adjusting to Daddy being home, but having to do work. We may need to adjust our schedules a little to keep her busy in the late afternoon/evening while he’s studying…. We’ve been…