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Flooding at the Homestead: Part 3

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Taking Down the Pine Plank Ceiling
While D took down the pine plank ceiling in the master bedroom, I piled up the planks and cleaned up the room. We tried to really stay on top of the cleaning, so it wouldn’t get too overwhelming.

Now that our claim was actually being worked on, we started to see some things begin to happen. The water mediator showed up at the house. He was shocked to see that we had done the entire demolition as this had never happened to him. Basically, all he had to do at this point was to set up fans and dehumidifiers. He said it was the easiest job ever for him. He actually felt bad that we had done all of that work and that it had taken that long for the insurance company to send him out. It wasn’t the norm – at all – for our insurance company.

Moldy Bathroom Floor
As we took things out, we found more issues like the mold growing under the bathroom sink.

On Tuesday, the contractor came over to see the damage and begin an estimate of what work would need to be done. He also determined which subcontractors would need to be sent out to complete the estimate. We learned that we would need to have the plumbing, electrical, and hvac looked at and worked on. The damage was rather extensive, and the repairs would extend into the living room and kitchen due to the flooring situation.

Tuesday also saw a dump trailer show up to start loading up some of the debris. We had to laugh because they brought out the trailer and left the loaded trailer there. They said that they would come get it later in the week, and then do another load to finish hauling it all off. We were glad that we didn’t have to load it all up. It was enough to haul it all out of the house.

Moldy Floor
As we tore up the various layers of flooring and underlayment, we started to find more mold. We knew that we needed to work faster to make sure no more mold grew.

Wednesday found us waiting to see if anyone would show up, so we did a few things around the cabin and relaxed.

Debris Removal
We found ourselves using shovels to clean up a lot of the debris.

Thursday meant a visit from the electricians, plumbers, and hvac guys. They looked over everything to see what all needed to be done. They put together estimates for the insurance company, and then we talked about a few changes that we would like to make. (We’re waiting to how much these changes would cost before going ahead with them.)

On Thursday evening, we were invited over to our neighbor’s house to a nice Mexican dinner. She was making homemade chicken enchiladas and all of the fixin’s. Unfortunately, I ended up with a killer headache and needed to stay home. Daddy and Munchkin had a wonderful time and met another couple that lives in the area. Our neighbor was sweet enough to send home a huge leftover bag.

Rotted Door
Sadly, our fears were confirmed… the door would also have to be replaced.

On Friday, D and I did some work around the house. (The more work we do, the more money will be able to be put towards the rebuild/renovations.) Munchkin continued to work on her book as she has done all week. We did get some relaxing done as well. D took a ride on his dirt bike which is one of his ways to relax.

Saturday morning, we relaxed while we waited for the flooring guy to show up. When lunch time rolled around and he hadn’t showed up, I prepared lunch and D tried to get in contact with him. It turned out that his family was moving slow, so they hadn’t left the house yet. We ended up needing to reschedule the appointment. **sigh** He showed up late the next day.

Full Moon
We did enjoy the beautiful and odd (at times) moons that we saw while there. Some nights we found ourselves looking at rings around the moon. Other nights, the clouds cast strange shapes over and/or around the moon. I could not capture the strange beauty….

On Monday, we had a brief meeting with the contractor, but since he didn’t have complete details from the insurance company, we really couldn’t go over too many specifics. He told us that he had the electric, plumbing, and hvac crew scheduled to start work that next Monday. With that, we finished packing up and made our way back home. We were exhausted by the time that we arrived. We did the basics on the unpacking and then crashed for the evening. There is still a lot up in the air, so this story hasn’t come to an end. In fact, it’s still being written…

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