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Christopher Columbus Lapbook and Notebook Study

christopher columbus lapbook cover

My blogging friend Rodna over at Training Children up for Christ asks me if I had a lapbook study on Christopher Columbus.  It was said a bit tongue in cheek as she didn’t really expect the answer to be yes.  (We were talking about the Little House lapbooks that I had done.)  Well, it just so happened that I had made one up a couple of years ago (or so), but I had never got around to preparing it for posting on my blog like I had done with the Little House lapbooks and other lapbooks.  (There are several that I never posted, so I really need to work on getting those ready for posting as well.)

christopher columbus lapbook inside

One booklet is missing in this picture.

Since I needed to do some converting of file types anyway, I chose to update the study to include notebook pages as well as the lapbook booklets, so you get to decide which style you’d prefer to use.  Maybe you can use a little bit of both?  This study does require some research on the part of the user as I did not include a research/study guide.  It just contains the questions that went with the lapbook and now notebook pages.  It also contains a couple of links to some activities that we did during the study.  Unfortunately, some of the original links we used no longer worked, so I went ahead and removed them.

christopher columbus notebooking pages

Now that I’ve updated this to include notebook pages, I’m considering using it again with Munchkin for a Columbus Day study.  Let me know what you think of the free Christopher Columbus Lapbook and Notebook Study.

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