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Month: October 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Posted in Holidays, and Homemaking

Here are our pumpkin carvings for this year.  As has become our usual, I went with a military theme and Munchkin went with an animal theme.   Munchkin is so proud of the fact that she can do a whole pumpkin on her own now.  She’s eagerly looking forward to the roasted pumpkin seeds that we’ll be having thanks to these carvings.

Military Working Dogs Field Trip

Posted in Homeschooling, and Military Life

Today, our base homeschool group was treated to a fabulous K-9 demonstration. The field trip began with the sound of sirens. A police vehicle was chasing down a pick-up that wouldn’t stop. The man got out of the truck and wouldn’t listen to the officer… We learned a bit more about the working dogs and their jobs including a brief history about military working dogs and their service to our country.  Did you know that these dogs are awarded medals just like their human military counterparts?  They can receive the purple heart if they are wounded in combat. We were…