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Looking Back

Wordless Wednesday: Thanksgiving Baking 2015

Gluten free baking for Thanksgiving has begun with homemade bread for stuffing, coffee cake for breakfast, cornbread, pumpkin pies, and multi-grain dinner rolls.

Drying out gluten free bread slices for stuffing.

Gluten free coffee cake for Thanksgiving morning.

Gluten free cornbread for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving gluten free pumpkin pies fresh out of the oven.

Multi-grain gluten free dinner rolls are also great to use for sandwiches after Thanksgiving.

Giving Thanks 2015 – Week Three

Giving thanks for health, family, and freedom of religion

Last week was an interesting week, and it really made me think about how thankful I am that my family is healthy. Yes, I’m still hobbling around with one crutch and suffer from frequent migraines. Yes, D has his shoulder issues. Yes, Munchkin is suffering from more frequent headaches these days. Yet, in the grand scheme of things, these issues aren’t so bad.

My neighbor, who has all of the heart issues, found himself back in the ER when he couldn’t breathe. It turned out that he had blood clots in his lungs. He spent a couple of days in the hospital and then was released to come home when he was able to breathe again. Later in the week, he saw his regular doctor who put him on a couple of new meds to help with the situation. He was pleased to find out that his heart was actually doing better than it had been a few months ago when he was told he would need to have surgery. While all of the health issues are bad, we’re rejoicing and giving thanks that he is okay and that his heart is a little healthier.

I’ve watched a friends have lost loved ones both young and old to illness or tragic accidents. It reminds, once again, how precious our time here with loved ones really is. We need to cherish it even if our days are filled with work and studies. Just being able to have them around is truly a gift that we must not take for granted.

The events around the world have definitely looked really grim, but we ultimately have peace in knowing that our eternity is secure thanks to our loving Savior. Even if we may not like what is going on in our country, I’m thankful that we still have the freedom to worship and read our Bibles openly. We never know when our faith will be put to the ultimate test, so we need to make sure that we are studying the Word and hiding it in our minds.

Along those lines, we never know when the opportunity to share our beliefs with others will present itself. Munchkin has had the opportunity – even at a public university – to share her beliefs both to fellow students and to more than one professor. Little things like wearing a sweatshirt have brought on conversations with others. She’s even found some students who share her beliefs – something of which I am very thankful.

Whether the week is easy, difficult, or somewhere in between, I know there is always something to be thankful for.

RZR: Making Some Improvements

Testing out the new RZR Doors

Since we live in the desert, Munchkin is able to drive the RZR to and from college classes as long as the weather cooperates. The ability to stay on dirt the whole way to the college makes this possible. It’s definitely a plus of desert life since Munchkin’s truck isn’t up and running yet. I’m sure we’ll eventually see that happen. For now, we’ve been making a few improvements on the RZR to make it a little nicer for the commute.

Add the clear back to the RZR

The first addition was a clear back for the RZR. We have a windshield on the RZR which can cause quite the dust swirl inside of the RZR. This can be cleared up by adding a back like the one above. Since we use the RZR around our place including moving hay, it also helps keep all the hay out of our hair and off our backs. While we don’t deal with much rain, it will also keep more of the rain and mud off our backs.

Taking off the old parts to make room for the new doors.

The next step was getting rid of the old nets. Those things were a definitely a pain to deal with as our feet were always getting caught on the net, and they were hard to fasten as the netting had dried out and shrank over the years. While the nets were easy to remove, the side beams were not so easy. There was a lot of grumbling going on during this part of the process, but it got done with some elbow grease and frustration.

Newly installed RZR door

The actual installation of the doors wasn’t too bad. The driver’s side actually ended up going in really well, but the passenger side still needs a little tweaking to get it just right. For now, it’s good enough to work. The door opens and shuts with ease and latches properly. The bonus that we didn’t expect is that these doors actually give us more room in the RZR. The only downside is that the doors will need to be removed if we want to go on the size restricted trails as they added another 3″ to each side which makes the RZR to wide for those trails. We’re pretty much in open desert these days, so it’s not a big issue.

Overhead RZR light bar

The final step, for now, was installing some new headlight bulbs to provide a little extra light on those dark desert nights, and a battery-powered overhead light bar for those times you need to see something on the inside of RZR.

I’m really pleased to finally see some of these changes as they are things that I’ve been wanting to do for some time, but I couldn’t justify them for goofing around on the trail. Now that the RZR is being driven almost daily, it was time for the upgrades. Some day, I’m hoping to add upper doors for cold weather and rainy days, but those will have to wait.

Munchkin is thrilled with upgrades as it makes her ride feel more like a little car rather than just a RZR.

Wordless Wednesday: Furry Cuddle Buddies

Precious Wiley asking for a little more attention.

Wyatt wanting a few more cuddles.

Chris Tomlin’s Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship CD Review and Giveaway

Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

Chris Tomlin Adore Christmas Songs of Worship CD

Yes, I got to listen to more Christmas music prior to Thanksgiving. **grin** Out of respect for D’s preferences, I’ve been listening when he’s not home. He’ll get to listen to them after Thanksgiving which is when he likes to start listening to Christmas music.

I’ve always enjoyed music from Chris Tomlin, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out this new Christmas album. It did not disappoint.

The album features 11 songs:

  1. He Shall Reign Forevermore
  2. Adore
  3. Midnight Clear (Love Song)
  4. Noel featuring Lauren Daigle
  5. Hymn of Joy
  6. Silent Night featuring Kristyn Getty
  7. What Child is This? featuring All Sons & Daughters
  8. It’s Christmas
  9. A King Like This
  10. Bethlehem
  11. A Christmas Alleluia featuring Lauren Daigle and Leslie Jordan of All Sons & Daughters

Adore is a blend of classic Christmas songs with a few new songs thrown into the mix. It feels like you’re at a Christmas praise and worship concert. The focus of this album is clearly on Christ. The additional featured artists are a perfect compliment to Chris’s style and the overall feel of this album. If you’re looking for a Christmas album that will help prepare you heart and help you focus on Christ this Christmas, I highly recommend this album.

In case you’re not familiar with Chris Tomlin, he’s an American contemporary Christian music artist, worship leader, and songwriter who has sold nearly 30 million records, been nominated for 32 Dove Awards, and won 19 Dove awards. You may recognize some of his songs like “How Great is Our God”, “Jesus Messiah”, “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone”, “Our God”, and “Whom Shall I Fear”.

Stay Connected with Chris Tomlin:

** Chris Tomlin Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship CD Giveaway **

Propeller Consulting, LLC is providing one copy of this cd for one of my readers. Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway. If you have won a prize from Propeller / FlyBy Promotions in the last 30 days, you are not eligible to win. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Giveaway ends November 24, 2015. Giveaway is available to U.S. and Canadian readers only.