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High Flying with a Pocket Disc

Special thanks to Pocket Disc for providing a sample of their sport pocket disc for us to test out in our home. All opinions are our own based upon our personal experiences with the product.

Please don't take away my PocketDisc

But I don’t want to give it back. I like it too much! Wiley immediately fell in the love with the Pocket Disc. The fact that we could play with it both inside and outside could have something to do with that. Plus, he loves that the 100% cotton disc is soft and easy to catch.

Flying high with our PocketDisc

The Pocket Disc is a fair trade product that is made in Guatemala. The company believes in making the world a better place for all. It uses green practices and takes care of those who make their products. I highly recommend reading the entire story about how much the jobs mean to the artisans who make the discs and other products.

The Pocket Disc’s origin came from a few too many rows stitched on a doily which made the edge curl. A goofy toss of the disc lead to thoughts of what could be. With some time, research, and hard work, the Pocket Disc was created.

Wiley trying to snag the PocketDisc

The are a variety of discs for different applications, and a pattern for every taste and occasion. We received a beautiful blue sport disc. The sport disc is a little heavier than the regular disc and meant more for outdoor use although you can easily use it indoors as well. I’m impressed with how durable these discs are when using them with our dogs.

Wiley snagging the PocketDisc

Wiley loves frisbees, but this was, by far, the favorite disc that we’ve ever used. Wyatt, on the other hand, does not like frisbees – at all. I was pleasantly surprised when he decided to get in on the play with the Pocket Disc. He would steal it from Wiley and take off. I think the softness of the disc is more to his liking. He also likes that he can shake it like a rag doll. It didn’t show any wear even after a couple of tug-of-war sessions between the dogs when they were trying to steal it from each other.

To keep the disc looking bold and beautiful, you’ll want to wash it by hand. It cleans up nicely and holds its shape which is a good thing when you’re playing with dogs outside (or even inside).

Of course, the discs aren’t just for dogs. They are great for humans as well. Because they are soft, you can easily take them with you to the beach, to the park, on the go, or even tailgating. They don’t take up much space. They’d even be great for use in a college dorm. 😉

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Project Truck: Stripping Down Donor Truck

Finally getting some work done on the project truck and donor truck

It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long since I’ve posted an update on Munchkin’s project truck, but life got in the way of being able to really work on the truck. When our property manager told us this week that we only had 30 days to get rid of the donor truck that we were parting out, we knew that we needed to really get some work done while Daddy had some time between classes.

We removed the cab from the donor truck

After D disconnected the cab of the donor truck, it was time for us to try to get it off the frame. We got a little creative and used the engine hoist to get it off the truck frame and onto the flatbed trailer. It was interesting to say the least, but it worked for us. 😉

Stripping paint from the project truck bed

Munchkin worked on getting the paint stripped off the bed of her truck to get it ready for body work, priming, and painting. It was a long process. Even though she was working in the garage, the heat was causing the paint stripper to dry too fast, but we don’t have the option to wait until it gets cooler outside as we’re in the middle of the summer. We just did what we could given the constraints that we had.

Stripping down donor truck

Daddy tackled stripping the parts of the frame of the donor truck while Munchkin worked on getting the paint of her truck bed panels.

Sanding truck bed panels

Munchkin was pretty sore after stripping the paint off the truck bed panels, so Daddy put the panel up on sawhorses to make sanding a little easier. Constantly bending over and squatting can make for an aching back and legs – even if you are young. She was much happier with this setup.

Cutting brackets off donor truck frame

Daddy cut off the front axle as well as the front part of the frame. With a good bit of effort, he also removed some the brackets from the frame. All of the extra parts were either loaded onto the flatbed trailer or set aside.

Cutting down the donor truck frame

D continued his work on the donor truck frame until it was time to quit for the day. It was a productive but HOT day!

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Food Tip: Easy On-the-Go Deviled Eggs

Food tip on how to easily take deviled eggs on the go

Deviled eggs are a family favorite around here. They’re great as sides and as snacks. I love taking them on picnics, but it can be a bit messy unless you use a special container. Those containers tend not to fit very well into coolers. When it’s in the high 90s and 100s, you need to make sure that you’re keeping all foods at safe temperatures.

Yes, we still go out exploring even when it’s hot. We don’t stay out in the heat as much, but we still like to do at least some outdoor activities. We’d get a little stir crazy if we let the weather dictate all of our activities in the summer months.

Taking deviled eggs with you is easy with this tip

I needed to come up with a way that we could easily take the deviled eggs with us. I mixed up the deviled egg filling and placed it into a zipper bag. I like to take a secondary bag in case we don’t eat all of the deviled eggs. It’s never happened, but I suppose it could. 😉 The hard boiled eggs without the centers are placed in a container. When it’s time to eat, I just snip the corner of the zipper bag and fill the eggs with the mixture.

It’s a simple, easy, and no mess way to take your deviled eggs on the go with you. Just make sure you keep the eggs and mixture in a cooler to keep them at the proper temperature. You don’t want to mess with food safety and ruin your picnic or special event.

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Wordless Wednesday: Wildfire and Rain

Billowing cloud from the wildfire

Beautiful pink blooms after the rain

Beautiful desert blooms after the rain

The wildfires raged, but a rainstorm brought out the beautiful desert blooms.

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Off-Road Adventures: Picnic Date

Special thanks to Pratico for providing a free or discounted sample for review. All opinions are my own based upon personal experiences with the product in our home. This post may contain affiliate links.

Off-road adventures with our Pratico picnic blanket

As a family, we enjoy going out and exploring the desert. On days like yesterday, when it’s in the high 90s, it’s probably not the best of days to head out, but since we have ac in D’s truck, we still went out. This time, unlike when we’ve gone out in the past however many years, it was just D and I. Munchkin needed to work on finishing up the edits on her book as the deadline is looming, so I packed up some water and some snacks for our little off-road trip. I grabbed the new Pratico picnic blanket and off we went.

Enjoying the beautiful rocky desert landscape

It felt a bit odd to be out exploring without our girl, but at the same time, it was fun to have some one-on-one time with D. Some people may find that the desert landscape is boring, but D and I both think it’s beautiful. The rocks around here are quite interesting, and of course, D loves how good they are for bouldering.

Enjoying a picnic by the rocks

It took a little while, but we found an area where the boulders created a shady area where we could get out of the sun. Of course, D had to test out the rocks a little to see if there were any good finger holds for climbing – especially when he saw the chalk from other climbers. I think he was a little bummed that he didn’t have his climbing shoes, chalk bag, and bouldering pad with him. lol! He’s been dealing with a few shoulder issues, so he hasn’t been able to get in a lot of climbing. He misses it.

Perfect boulders for bouldering

I was chuckling as D was so excited about the rocks that I ended up trying to get things set up. When he realized that I was setting up the blanket on my own, he gave me a sheepish grin and helped me out. Boulders tend to call his name. 😉 Of course, I often get side-tracked by taking pictures, so I can related to it.

Picnic blanket features a padded waterproof back and a fleece front

We were pleased with how comfortable the picnic blanket was thanks to the protective waterproof backing, light padding, and flannel top. While it wouldn’t protect against cactus (what does?), it did help with all the small rocks. It was large enough that D was able to completely stretch out on the blanket for a little rest.

Taking a nap on the picnic blanket

As much as I was enjoying the scenery, shade, and company, the heat soon started to get to me, so we hopped back in D’s truck and headed off to explore a bit more – in the comfort of the ac. 😉 Down the bumpy dirt roads we went. Enjoying all the beauty around us and talking. It was a fun impromptu date even if the desert temps were plotting against us.

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