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Review: Switched on Schoolhouse Consumer Math

Switched On Schoolhouse Consumer Math Review

Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) is a computer based learning program from Alpha Omega Publishing. There are a variety of core subjects as well as electives available for all grade levels which allow the teacher to create a customized learning environment for their student(s).

Installation and Setup:

Before you can start using specific subjects, you need to install the main Switched-On Schoolhouse software on to at least one computer. You have the option of running the entire program on 1 computer, or you can install the main program on 1 computer and then install the teacher and student programs on another computer. If you decide to install it on more than one computer, the additional computers must always have access to the computer where the main program is installed. We decided to go with installation on one computer as it was just the easiest option given that we may not always be near more than one computer.

While the installation takes a little time, it went smoothly on our Windows 8.1 computer. Upon completion of the installation of the SOS program, users then install the different classes and then assign the classes to different students. In our case, we installed and assigned the Consumer Math program. The installation of the course was quick and easy.

There are two components to the program: the teacher and the student. Each person has their own login screen and desktop. The desktop can be customized to fit the personality of the person using it. The teacher can also add and subject various aspects that are placed on the student desktop.

You can find a list of the system requirements here.

Consumer Math – Description and Content:

Teach your child how to manage personal finances with Switched-On Schoolhouse Consumer Math for grades 9-12! This fun-filled, practical one-year Alpha Omega curriculum covers daily math applications like family finances, taxes and insurance, investments, travel, and a basic math review. Easy-to-follow topics include step-by-step instructions and clear explanations to help build your student’s understanding. And SOS has interactive, exciting learning tools to engage your child in learning! Your child will study multimedia-enriched lessons which include video clips, learning games, and animation. No typical, boring, textbook lessons here. Your student will actually be excited to learn math and finance with this colorful, motivating computer-based course.

Grades 9-12
Retail Price: $98.95

Content includes:

  • Basic Math Review
  • Personal Finance
  • Statistics
  • Taxes and Insurance
  • Banking Services and Investments
  • Banking and Credit Costs
  • Purchase and Sale of Goods
  • Leisure, Travel, and Retirement
  • Job Related Services

Switch-On Schoolhouse Consumer Math

Consumer Math – Student:

As a general rule, Munchkin is liking the Consumer Math program. Using the program as easy as logging in, reading the material, watching the videos, doing the problems, and taking the quizzes. The material, for the most part, is presented in an easy to understand manner with manageable size lessons.

That being said, there are a couple of things that she doesn’t like.

  1. Video Format: She’s not a fan of the format of the videos as she feels the animated presentations are a bit cheesy. She would rather they be presented by a real person. There are times the voice is a little difficult for her to understand.
  2. Grading: There are times that she has the correct answer, but the system will mark it as incorrect due to not having a comma, not having enough decimal places, having too few decimal places…. There was even a time when the system said to round to three decimal places, but it marked it as incorrect because the answer they gave rounded to two decimal places. This was extremely frustrating for her.

She is definitely learning even if there have been a few hiccups along the way.

Consumer Math – Teacher:

I found the teacher portion of the program fairly easy to use. I liked that they have tutorial videos to help with areas where I had questions, and when I had to call customer service regarding a technical issue, they were very polite and helpful.

I appreciate the fact that I can go in and reassign select problems or entire assignments as we take a mastery approach at our house. Plus, Munchkin likes to truly understand a concept before moving on which means she wants to get everything right before moving on to the next learning concept.

What I would like to see that I didn’t is the ability to mark a problem correct if the program incorrectly marks it wrong.

AOP Military Discount


Overall, we are liking this Consumer Math program even if there are a few features that we feel could be improved.

Alpha Omega Publishing is offering military families a 30% military discount on their products.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the program to help facilitate the writing of this review. A positive review is not expected nor guaranteed. All opinions are my own.

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Wordless Wednesday: Bug Hunting

Michelle with Bug House

Tomato Worms 1

Tomato Worms 2

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Review: Super Flex Silicon Oven Mitts

Oven Mitts

We’ve tried a variety of oven mitts and holders for our cast iron cookware, but none of them completely worked with the heat generated from cooking with cast iron. The regular oven mitts didn’t protect our hands well enough from the heat while the silicone handle sleeve only worked for a little while before becoming too hot to touch. The only thing that we had that remotely worked was pot holder than had silicone on one side and padded fabric on the other, and it’s a pain to keep clean.

The Triumphant Chef Super Flex Silicone Oven Mitts are food grade silicone on the outside with a nice quilted interior liner. The combination of the two layers results in oven mitts that have heat resistance up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the mitts are easy to clean (just rinse off after use) and comfortable to wear. The mitts can be worn on either hand and work for a variety of hand sizes. I was impressed that I could easily use them on my small hands, my daughter could use them with her long fingers, and my husband could use them on his extra large hands.

I like that these silicone oven mitts (amazon affiliate link) are sold in a set of two because I want two oven mitts for all my cooking and baking. The oven mitts are longer to help protect my wrists when I’m pulling baking sheets out of the oven. They are nice and grippy which means goodies are less likely to accidentally slip out of my hands. Because they are washable and waterproof, you can pick up food and not worry about hot juices soaking through the oven mitts. Of course, the red color (the picture looks a little pink but these are a beautiful dark red) is a nice bonus as I really like red accessories in the kitchen.

I would absolutely purchase another pair of these silicone oven mitts for myself or as a gift.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own.

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Girls Night In

Roll For It

Ever since Munchkin was an itty bitty girl, I’ve tried to make time away from Daddy a little easier. When he was TAD or deployed, I did my best to have at least one big special event each month and a smaller special thing each week. Somehow, looking forward to lease events eased the hardship of Daddy being gone if only a little. You see, Munchkin is totally a Daddy’s girl, so having him gone was always very difficult for him.

Fast forward to today…. Every month when Daddy has duty, I schedule a Girls Night In for Munchkin and me where we have a special meal, watch a movie and/or play a game, and have a special dessert. Even though she’d rather have Daddy home, this is something that she looks forward to each month.


Normally, we have a seafood meal as Daddy’s not huge on seafood, but this past week, Munchkin really wanted cheese steaks (gluten free of course) with cookies for dessert. We watched the old Disney Sword in the Stone movie and played Roll for It! It was a fun evening. Of course, when Daddy learned that we had cheese steaks without him, I ended up needing to make them again for him the next day. Munchkin was willing to make the sacrifice of having them two nights in a row. lol!

I always enjoy these special nights with my girl. I know that all too soon she’s going to be grown up. It’s becoming more and more of a reality as we talk about her plans after high school. Yep, my baby girl is growing up. All too soon she’ll have her driver’s license and be starting college or heading out to do field work before heading to college. Either way, she’ll be making her way out into the real world….

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Review: The New Astronomy Book by Danny R. Faulkner

The New Astronomy Book by Danny R FaulknerSpecial thanks to MasterBooks for providing a copy for review purposes.

Book Description:

The universe is an amazing declaration of the glory and power of God! Beautiful and breathtaking in its scale, the vast expanse of the universe is one that we struggle to study, understand, or even comprehend in terms of its purpose and size. Now take an incredible look at the mysteries and marvels of space in The New Astronomy Book!

Danny R FaulknerAbout the Author:

Dr. Danny R. Faulkner has a B.S. (Math), M.S. (Physics), M.A. and Ph.D. (Astronomy, Indiana University). He is Full Professor at the University of South Carolina — Lancaster, where he teaches physics and astronomy. He has published about two dozen papers in various astronomy and astrophysics journals. He is also the author of Universe by Design. You can read more about Dr. Faulkner at his USC Lancaster faculty page.

The New Astronomy Book 1

Book Details:

Series: Wonders of Creation
Hardcover: 96 pages
Publisher: Master Books (September 1, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0890518343
ISBN-13: 978-0890518342
Retail Price: $16.99
Digital version also available

The New Astronomy Book Moms of MasterBooks Review

My Thoughts:

We had the original version of The Astronomy Book in our home library already, so I was eager to see how this updated version compared to it. The first thing that I noticed is that there is a completely different author for this book. The next thing that I noticed is that it has been updated to include the 3 levels of learning that you find in all the newer books in the Wonders of Creation series. Obviously, some of the data has been updated as there have been changes in astronomy since the publishing of the original book such as Pluto no longer being classified as a planet.

If you’re not familiar with the layout of the new Wonders of Creations series, it’s laid out in a manner that helps the student/reader cover the material according to their learning level. It has different color backgrounds for the different levels: level one – off-white background, level two – purple background, and level three – blue gridded background. It’s a quick and easy way to identify the knowledge level that goes from basic to upper level learning concepts. Everything is presented from a Biblical worldview where God is the creator of the universe.

Each topic has a quick look at the words/concepts that will be covered in the upcoming chapter. Throughout the chapters, there are little notes on the history of the race to space as well as people who have influenced the world.

I like that this book can be tailored to all ages and easy be turned into the basis for a unit study in astronomy. Because this is presented from a Biblical worldview, you’ll look into Biblical history as well as study what the Bible says about various aspects of astronomy. Full color images, charts, and graphics make the study come to life for readers. For those who enjoy studying the constellations, the book even includes images of the night sky for the four different seasons. Finally, the book includes a beautiful pull-out poster featuring our solar system.

The New Astronomy Book is a beautiful upgrade from the previous version, and I definitely recommend adding it to your collection even if you already have the old version.

Moms of Master Books Disclosure Statement

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