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Wiley: First Walk Post Bilateral CCL Injury

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Life is crazy when you’re taking care of 3 dogs – especially when 1 dog has a serious injury and another dog is a puppy. It’s been an adventure trying to balance Wiley’s recovery with Wynoka’s puppy needs while continuing to give plenty of attention to Wyatt as well. For the most part, the dogs all get along. Wiley is a little resentful of Wynoka as he wants to be able to play like she plays. He misses running around. During this whole process with him, he has gone through bouts of depression which has been really sad. He’s struggling…

Wiley: Knee Injury Recovery without Surgery Part 2

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Bilateral CCL Tears – not something that any pet parent wants to hear. Yet, here we were going through it with our sweet Wiley. He has two major things going against him. 1) He’s a very active dog. 2) He’s a bigger dog. These two things make recovery much more difficult whether going the surgery route or the conservative management route. After talking to the people at Posh Dog Knee Braces, I felt like we could do this without surgery. Both required rehab. Both required movement restriction. One was invasive while the other was non-invasive. We definitely felt it was…

Wiley: Knee Injury Recovery Without Surgery Part 1

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The words that you don’t want to hear from your vet were spoken back in November. Your dog has a ccl (acl) tear in his right knee. I was in shock as I have never had a dog with a knee injury. Apparently, it’s becoming quite common for dogs of all sizes. The prognosis – expensive knee surgery. The vet went on to say that surgery was the only way that Wiley would heal. If we didn’t do surgery, he may eventually heal, but he’d have severe arthritis in that knee. He said that we could wait a little to…