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Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

Cold weather. Snow covered mountains. More snow. It’s time to go explore the winter wonderland. Build a snowman? We’ll have to wait to see what the snow is like once we reach our destination. A picnic lunch has been packed. The dogs are settled in. It’s time to head on our way. Switchback roads. Snow everywhere. It’s going to be a fun day of exploration and hiking in the snow. The dogs get excited as they know what lies ahead. Sadly, the Big Bear Discovery Center was closed for the day as was the parking lot, so we had to…

The Search for Christmas Snow

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

While we don’t normally live in areas that get much (if any) snow, we all still enjoy it. We love milder winter weather, but we do miss the fun that comes with snow now and again. Munchkin especially wanted snow for Christmas this year, so we decided to head out on a little exploration adventure in search of snow. We headed up to Big Bear Lake. It’s a long, curvy, steep road which means Munchkin’s tummy wasn’t too happy, but that all went away once we got to the top. We made a quick stop at the Big Bear Discovery…

Playing in the Snow

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

After we got everything squared away with the snow situation and the horses were settled in a comfortable barn, it was time to have some fun in the snow. The dogs absolutely loved being out in the snow. They ran around like crazy when it first started. It quickly turned into Wiley bounding around like a crazy dog and begging for Wyatt to play with him. Wyatt was fascinated by all of the animals tracks. He realized that he could very easily see the animals and birds thanks to the newly fallen snow. Yes, he chased Wiley around and played,…

New Year Begins with Snow

Posted in Family, Homesteading, and Photography

Because we live in an area where snow is not a regular occurrence, we can happily welcome an unexpected storm that dumps way more snow than projected. We were all rather excited even if it did create a few issues as we weren’t prepared for that much wet snow and single digit temps. While both D and I grew up with snowy, cold winters, Munchkin hasn’t had a lot of snow to play in over the years. Our duty stations have been in places that get little to no snow each winter. Of course, the previous 5 winters have found…