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Slackline Fun

Posted in Family, Fitness, Outdoor Adventures, and Reviews

This post contains affiliate links. I purchased this slackline kit at a discount to provide feedback based upon my family’s experience with it. Do you remember when you were little and you tried to balance on anything and everything? Most kids start out balancing on things close to the ground and then work their way up to higher things. Munchkin loved trying to balance on a variety of things when we went for walks or to the park. As she got older, she liked to try to walk (with assistance) on rails and short fences. Balance beams at gymnastics were…

Staying Hydrated: Glass Water Bottle Options

Posted in Outdoor Adventures, and Reviews

Recently, thanks to receiving some discounted glass water bottles and a tumbler to test out from 3 different companies, I’ve gotten hooked on glass water bottles. While glass water bottles aren’t exactly practical for hiking or other outdoor activities due to the higher probability for breakage, they are great for normal, everyday activities. I personally like the flavor of water and other beverages out of glass better than out of metal or plastic. This 15.2 oz. tumbler from Simple Eleven is an insulated (double walled) glass tumbler that is watertight and features a beautiful bamboo lid. The fine mesh tea…

Project Truck: Safety Gear

Posted in Family, In the Garage, and Reviews

I received some safety gear – FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuffs – free from the company to provide feedback on their use. While they are great for the shooting range, they are also perfect for use when working on the project truck. Every time we start to make real progress on Munchkin’s truck, we seem to have things happen that put it on hold or back in slow mode. After my injury, the progress slowed downed considerably. Once Munchkin and Daddy both started back up with school, well, progress was virtually non-existent. There isn’t a lot of time for large projects,…

Family Life’s Passport 2 Purity Getaway Kit

Posted in Christian Life, and Reviews

Special thanks to FlyBy Promotions for providing a review copy of the Passport 2 Purity materials for us to go over in our home. 13. One of the magical numbers in a child’s life. At 13, they become a teenager, a young adult. It wasn’t long ago that the age of 13 marked the time when a boy became a man. Many cultures mark this day with a celebration as a way to honor the person coming of age. Somewhere along the way, we have lost sight of the importance of celebrating such milestones with our kids. For Munchkin, we…