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Introducing Graham – Our Newest Little Guinea Pig

Munchkin and Graham

When Teddy passed away on Saturday, Munchkin’s search for a new guinea pig began. (That’s how she deals with a loss of a pet.) She wanted to adopt a younger guinea pig. She searched guinea pig adoption sites as well as craigslist. She finally found a couple of male guinea pigs that were less

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Rain + Dirt = Muddy Horses

Phantom and Dixie at the Cabin

While we were at the cabin, we received a lot of rain which was great as it was way to dry up there, and the rain was seriously needed. At first, we thought the horses may have a hard time settling into their new location, but they took to it fairly quickly. They loved

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The Fire Pit Destroyer

Destroyed Fire Pit

Wyatt, our youngest dog, has a passion for hunting all things that move. One of his favorite things to stalk would have to be lizards. At the cabin, he’s moved piles of rather large rocks just to try to snag a lizards. How he doesn’t hurt himself is truly beyond me. Unfortunately, our fire

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Wordless Wednesday: Water, Mud, Mess

Pups in Puddle

Before spending time at the cabin, these guys wanted nothing to do with water, rain, or puddles. Obviously, that has changed. lol!

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Wordless Wednesday: Wiley and Wyatt


Poor Wiley was bitten by a bug near his eye shortly before I took this picture, so his one eye is a little puffy. We kept an eye on it, but he was fine by the next day.

Wyatt starting growling and barking when I pulled out the camera to take pictures. It

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