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Life with Rescue Dogs

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

Life with rescue dogs is always an adventure. Their crazy antics are ever entertaining. There are moments that you want to get mad at them because they’ve done something bad, but their sweet puppy dog eyes mellow your anger and melt your heart. Even if you do get mad, you can’t stay that way very long as they wiggle their way back into your good graces. It doesn’t take long until you’re back to cuddling with them. Rescue dogs have a special way of pulling at your heartstrings. You know their past, and you want the best life for them…

Introducing Marvel

Posted in Family

As soon as Graham passed away, Munchkin started looking for a new guinea pig in our area. Guinea pigs are social animals, so she didn’t want Alvin to be along even though he was getting tons of extra attention and love from all of us. After about 2 weeks, she found this sweet little guy and brought him home. After a great deal of consideration, she decided to call him Marvel. She was happy to have a new guinea pig before Christmas. Alvin helped Marvel settle in and allowed him to eat a little extra share of veggies. Now that…

Remembering Graham

Posted in Family

Today, we said goodbye to our sweet Graham. He was a loving, cuddly guinea pig who was always happy to help Munchkin with her school work and keep her company when she wasn’t feeling well. He will be missed. The day started off on a bad note for Munchkin as she was feeling a bit out of sorts. She headed to classes and things only got worse. She ended up coming home early to try to collect herself before her Physics exam. As is her normal routine, she went to get Graham out of his cage as he always helps calm…