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Tag: Pet Training

An Off-Leash Adventure

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

On Saturday afternoon, we headed out to do a little off-roading after Daddy did a little check in on some work matters. We hadn’t been out since the big rain, so it was fun to see the differences brought about by the storm. In the desert, rain means a transformation of the terrain due to flash flooding which redeposits the sandy soil, rocks, and vegetation all over the places. No matter how good they try to make the drainage near the paved roads, there is always some pretty solid destruction and places where the road is at least partially destroyed. Obviously, the dirt roads are even…

Puppies: Play Fighting

Posted in Family, and Photography

I’ve found that homeschooling, keeping up with the house, and training the puppies has taken up pretty much all of my time.  I’m rarely on the computer these days, so my posting has been cut down drastically from my norm.  I know that once we have the whole house training thing under control that life will become a little more “normal”, but the training won’t stop there. Having two puppies has created quite the lively household. Wiley is (from what we know) a little over a year old and due to him being a large breed dog, he’s definitely still a puppy.…