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Tag: Pet Photography

First Snowfall of 2018

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

When darkness fell on the homestead, the skies were crystal clear. Stars were shining brightly above. The air was crisp and a bitter wind blew all around. I heard a noise outside and went to check on the chickens. What I saw surprised me. The ground was blanketed with freshly fallen snow. Snowflakes fluttered all around me. It was our first snowfall of 2018. While Wiley and Wyatt have experienced snow, this was Wynoka’s first snow. I opened the back door, and she cautiously stepped out onto the porch. She sniffed at the cold white stuff. Then she flew down…

High Flying with a Pocket Disc

Posted in Family, Outdoor Adventures, and Reviews

Special thanks to Pocket Disc for providing a sample of their sport pocket disc for us to test out in our home. All opinions are our own based upon our personal experiences with the product. But I don’t want to give it back. I like it too much! Wiley immediately fell in the love with the Pocket Disc. The fact that we could play with it both inside and outside could have something to do with that. Plus, he loves that the 100% cotton disc is soft and easy to catch. The Pocket Disc is a fair trade product that…