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An Off-Leash Adventure

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On Saturday afternoon, we headed out to do a little off-roading after Daddy did a little check in on some work matters. We hadn’t been out since the big rain, so it was fun to see the differences brought about by the storm. In the desert, rain means a transformation of the terrain due to flash flooding which redeposits the sandy soil, rocks, and vegetation all over the places. No matter how good they try to make the drainage near the paved roads, there is always some pretty solid destruction and places where the road is at least partially destroyed. Obviously, the dirt roads are even…

Adventures in Puppyland: 1st Camping Trip

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Our Bear loved camping from the first time that we took him out. He just loved being outdoors. As he got older, he preferred camping in the trailer over tent camping which is completely understandable. I mean sleeping on a bed is much easier on an older body than sleeping on the hard ground. As we said goodbye to our beloved pet in December, we also felt the grief of not being able to take him out camping one last time. When we rescued Wiley and then adopted Wyatt, we were hoping that they too would embrace our adventurous spirit. This past…

A Sunday Drive

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Project 365 – #101 On Sunday afternoon, we decided to go out for a nice drive.  Our first destination plan was Martinez Lake as we had never headed over there.  Upon arrival, we decided that we would just keep on going to the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge instead.  We were a little disappointed that the visitor center wasn’t open.  (Apparently, it’s closed on the weekends after March 31st.)  The disappointment didn’t last long as we found a beautiful picnic area right by the water. The breeze coming off the water mixed with the warm air to create a pleasant environment…

The Great Shark Rescue

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Project 365 – #076 Last week, every day seemed to hold a new adventure.  Yes, we enjoyed walking the beaches and collecting various shells, but we also enjoyed being able to see rays, fish, and other sea creatures in the water.  A couple of mornings, we found sand dollars on the beach.  All of these things were fun, but our biggest adventure began with a simple walk on the beach…. Munchkin let out a squeal when she saw something on the beach.  She went running over and discovered that a shark had been beached when the tide went out.  At…