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Finding Beauty in the Storms of Life

Posted in Family, and Military Life

Beauty can be found all around us. There are times when you have to search a little harder to find that beauty. The storms of life can make it difficult to see the beauty, but it’s still there. A glimpse of sunlight through the clouds. A rainbow after a huge thunderstorm. A tiny green bud peeking out of a muddy, flooded area. As of late, my family has been in survival mode. We’ve been striving to find the beauty in the many storms that keep hitting us one after another. Ironically, the weather around us seems to be mimicking life.…

Unpacking and Organizing

Posted in Family, and Military Life

It’s pretty crazy around here right now. We’re still working on finishing up the unpacking. We have piles around the house because many of our bookshelves didn’t make the move with us plus the movers broken some of our other storage. Thankfully, we do have our main bookcases set up, so I can see those books. Our additional library will have to wait until we either purchase more bookcases or D makes me more – whichever his schedule allows. The moving company is coming by tomorrow (Wednesday) to pick up the debris (boxes and packing material) from the move. I need…

A Change of Pace

Posted in Family, and Military Life

For the past few months, we’ve been moving full steam ahead as we worked on the cabin and prepared for the upcoming move. Then the packers arrived to box up our household goods and move them into storage at our new location. Munchkin and I cleaned the house in preparation for the final move-out inspection. Munchkin attended her final TaeKwonDo classes and wrapped it all up with Ninja Night where she said a goodbye to her instructors and friends. She received some cards and nun-chucks as a farewell gift. It was a sad moment to be sure. On Monday morning,…

Military Move: The Packers are Here

Posted in Family, and Military Life

Today, our pack-out begins. The packers are here busily packing up our things. While I would love to say that I got everything done that I wanted before they arrived, I can’t say that. We did get through a lot of our stuff, but there was still a lot more that we wanted to purge before we moved. Going back and forth between here and fixing up the cabin kind of kept us from accomplishing all that we had set out to do. Going through the house and preparing for the movers has also made me realize how much housekeeping…

What Day is It?

Posted in Family, and Thoughts

The last couple of weeks we’ve been finding ourselves struggling to keep track of what day it is. Changes in our schedules have just thrown us for a loop. Munchkin’s TaeKwonDo has switched from Monday, Wednesday, Friday to Tuesday, Thursday, Friday which has definitely caused a bit of confusion as we adjust to it. Our Azure Standard delivery switched from Thursday to Wednesday this month. (It’s been on Thursday for as long as I’ve been ordering.) I kept thinking it was Thursday all day yesterday. We’re trying to nail down our packout and moving date, but D has been so…