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Happy 242nd Birthday Marines!

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; A MESSAGE FROM THE COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS Seventy-Five years ago today, after months of fighting at Henderson Field and along Edson’s Ridge, Marines on Guadalcanal spent the night of 10 November 1942 planning and preparing. Although the Battle of Guadalcanal would continue for three more months, the plans laid on our Corps’ most sacred day became integral to the amphibious campaigns that followed. Success at Guadalcanal proved to be the turning point that ultimately paved the way for Allied victory in the Pacific. Those warriors defended their positions in brutal conditions against a formidable enemy – and…

Happy 241st Birthday Marines!

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Happy 241st Birthday Marines! Each year on or around 10 November, Marines gather in groups large and small to celebrate our history, honor the memory of those who have gone before us, and rekindle the bond that unites all generations of Marines. This year, we mark the 241st anniversary of our Corps—241 years of uncommon valor, innovation, and combat excellence. Marines, we are part of something bigger than any of us could imagine. Whether you fought in the battles of World War I, in the Pacific during World War II, in Korea or Vietnam, in Desert Shield or Desert Storm,…

Happy 240th Birthday Marines!

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Happy 240th Birthday, Marines! Reflect on our history, remember those who have sacrificed and reaffirm your commitment to the strengthening of our Corps. — 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert B. Neller 10 November 2015 A MESSAGE FROM THE COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS When the Continental Congress raised up the two battalions of Marines in 1775, it launched the greatest fighting force the world has ever known – a force revered globally for its uncommon valor, unparalleled adaptability, and ferocious tenacity. Over the past 240 years, the battlefields and equipment have changed, but the spirit of the United…

Wordless Wednesday: Marine Corps Ball 2014

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It was too dark to get any good pictures before we left for the ball, and we planned on getting pictures professionally done there. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get any taken, so this picture is the best that we have due to the poor lighting and using a phone camera. Oh well, Munchkin still looks beautiful, and D looks quite handsome in his dress blues. Munchkin and I had a lot of fun deciding on the little details (like her nails) for the Ball. While this was her second ball, it has been many years since we’ve been to…

Happy 239th Birthday Marines!

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Happy 239th Birthday Marines: A Message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps In his birthday greeting 70 years ago, General Alexander Vandegrift, our 18th Commandant, noted that, “A birthday is a fitting time to peer backward – and forward.” That year, Marines reflected on an extraordinary year in combat during their amphibious drive across the Pacific. Despite the challenges and the horrific conditions, Marines prevailed at Guam, Saipan, and Peleliu. On 10 November 1944, Marines looked back with pride on their accomplishments – confident in their ability to meet future challenges. In 2004, 20,000 Marines deployed to Al Anbar…