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Complete Little House on the Prairie Series Lapbook Set

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My free Little House on the Prairie Lapbooks are probably one of the most downloaded homeschool freebies on my site. Because of this, I thought I would put them all in one place for easy location of the layout posts. Just click on the individual images to be taken to the post for that lapbook. This set of lapbooks is based on the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Printable Passport with State Stamps

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As you know, I recently started putting together the state notebooking pages, and I started to think about other fun ways to study the states. I remembered the stamps that you can get at the different National Parks (and some state parks) that allow you to stamp you own “passport” when you visit. I knew that some people had used a printable passport when they studied different countries and decided it would be a fun idea to incorporate into the study of the states. I designed a basic printable passport that can be personalized with the student’s picture and other…

Lapbooking Made Easy Part 3 – Alternative Lapbook Methods

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Alternative Lapbook Methods In the first part of Lapbooking Made Easy, I talked about the basics of lapbooking. In the second part, I went over some different way to organize lapbooks. In this third and final installment of Lapbooking Made Easy, I’ll be showing some alternative lapbook methods. As I said previously, lapbooks are traditionally made using file folders as the base, but some people found that they wanted a less bulky way of lapbooking. Enter in a couple of alternatives to lapbooking…. Blank Spiral-bound Books Whether you make your own spiral-bound cardstock books or you purchase them from a place…

Lapbooking Made Easy Part 2 – Lapbook Organization

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On Tuesday, I went over some of the basics of lapbooking in part 1 of Lapbooking Made Easy. Today, I’m going to cover the organizational aspects of lapbooking. What about all of those mini-books? Two of the common questions when it comes to the mini-books deal with cutting out the mini-books and storing the mini-books, so I thought I’d address those two things first before moving into the storage of the lapbooks themselves. Once you start lapbooking, you are probably going to realize that there is a good deal of cutting involved when it comes to the mini-books, and you…