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Bryce Canyon: Inspiration Point

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By the time we reached Inspiration Point, the clouds had really started to roll in over the area.  We started to feel our first rain drops. A few rain drops would not keep us from continuing on.  Unfortunately, at this point in our tour of Bryce Canyon, Munchkin started to feel worse.  For some time, she kept a smile on her face and tried to stay positive.  With the beginning of the rain, her resolve started to waver, but she decided that she wanted to keep going. So, our next stop will be Bryce Point.

Bryce Canyon: Sunset Point

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Next stop on the Bryce Canyon tour is Sunset Point.  You can easily walk from Sunrise Point to Sunset Point, but we chose to drive on this rainy day where Munchkin was under-the-weather. You can see another glimpse of our hiking trail at this location.  Yet another reason that Munchkin really wanted to be able to hike this trail.  She thought it would be so cool to get down there and see everything. Next stop… Inspiration Point.

Bryce Canyon: Sunrise Point

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Over the next few days, I’ll be posting pictures from the different stops at Bryce Canyon.  Instead of having 1 HUGE post that was filled to the brim with pictures, I decided to just do a series of posts with a selection of pictures for each location. For our trip to Bryce Canyon, we took our handy Your Guide to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.  Before each stop, I would read all the information presented in the book for that stop.  We would then take the book with us to the location, so we knew exactly what we were…

Mossy Cave and Waterfall

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One of the brief stops we made at the end of one of our days was at a trailhead called Mossy Cave.  We didn’t realize until we looked at the information board that there was also a waterfall at the top of the trail.  It turns out that this waterfall is man made as a way to try to control water runoff and erosion. As we got out at this stop, it started to sprinkle.  Since it was a bit cooler out that day, the rain felt quite cold.  We were enjoying the rain even though it was cool.  It’s…