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Semper Fidelis: Latin Vocabulary Review Game

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We’re having lots of fun learning Latin with Visual Latin, but we still need more review and practice.  I started out making up some vocabulary flash cards and ended up creating a game board with game pieces.  For this game, it’s basically taking normal flashcard review and turning it into a game.  If you get the word correct, they you get to roll the die and move on the game board. I’ve only completed the vocabulary flash cards for Visual Latin lessons 1-10.  I’ll add more cards as I get them completed.  For now, we plan on at least going…

Making Math Review Fun

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Flash cards can be a great way to learn math facts, but kids don’t always enjoy it. I created this file folder game for our workboxes as a way to review Munchkin’s math facts without it seeming like math drills. Pyramid of Numbers You can find the game board and instructions here. There are currently multiplication, addition, and subtraction card sets. While working on basic math facts is great, Munchkin also needed work on story problems.  I created this file folder game to assist her in working on story problems. Leaping Lemurs You can download the game board and instructions…

Batter Up! Slavery Edition File Folder Game

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As you can see, I’m having fun creating more file folder games for Munchkin. Since we’re studying the Underground Railroad and Slavery, I made game cards to go with that theme for this game board. This could easily be used with many other trivia type cards. I plan on making more trivia card sets for it later. You can download a pdf copy of this game here.  The Batter Up! Slavery edition cards can be found here.  You can find additional game cards for the State edition here.  

Bowling for Answers

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Mary from Games for Learning came up with a great idea for a review game. I decided to make up a file folder game board and question cards to go along with the idea. You can find the game board and instructions here.  You can find a template for these cards in Word here. You can download the score cards here.  If you’re not sure how to keep score in bowling, here is a good explanation. I have created bowling pin cards for the States and Capitals.  You can download these here. Munchkin is excited about having another new game…

File Folder Games

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I’ve been having fun designing file folder game boards. I tried to make them somewhat generic, so they can be used in many different ways. Most of the game boards are black and white, so the kids can have fun personalizing their own game boards. Munchkin is looking forward to trying out the new games next week. Just click on the images to be taken to the download page for these game boards. This is a science themed game board. I have made up cards using the review questions in Munchkin’s science curriculum.  You can find the game board here…