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Exploring, Hiking, and Climbing

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First off-road trip in the desert with the Jeep. We had a little 4-wheel-drive problem, but D got it up and running. It’s always good to be prepared when you’re out in the desert exploring. My favorite part of exploring, hiking, and climbing? Hanging out with this guy. I treasure our time together. The caves made by fallen boulders were really cool and provided a great reprieve from the hot sun. Hall of Horrors was a fun area to explore. It has some intense bouldering and climbing areas. We had a blast exploring all of the various boulder caves. I…

Easter 2016

Posted in Family, and Holidays

Our baby girl is definitely growing up all too fast. I remember when she would wear a frilly, pink Easter dress with a matching straw hat for Easter. Times have changed, but not for the worst. It’s just different. We’re grateful that even though Munchkin’s style in clothing has changed over the years that she’s always wanted to remain modest in her attire. I think she has a fun style all of her own which often means that finding clothing isn’t always easy. When you throw in her being super sensitive to how clothing feels (scratchy material and seams are…

Our New Licensed Driver

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Munchkin’s road to getting a license has been a long one mainly because she really didn’t have an interest in driving. Since she attends college classes every day and there have been a couple of instances where I couldn’t get over to pick her up right away due to some complications with other events, she slowly began to see the importance of being able to drive. With that realization and the expiration of her learner’s permit looming, she really applied herself to getting comfortable with driving. We have 2 full size trucks – one of which is a lifted, manual…