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Tag: Dehydrating

Homemade Yogurt Fruit Leather

Posted in Gluten Free, and Reviews

Special thanks to Lucky Star 14 LLC for providing samples of their dehydrator sheets to use in our home for evaluation. Recently, I heard about a twist on regular fruit leather – yogurt fruit leather. It sounded like a snack that I’d really enjoy. We have lots of yummy fresh berries at the farmers market this time of year, so it was a perfect time to give them a try. (You can also used thawed frozen berries, if needed, which is what I did this time as we ate all of the fresh berries before I could make the yogurt…

Peach Fruit Leather

Posted in Gluten Free, Homemaking, and Homesteading

We had several pounds of local peaches on hand, and they were starting to get a little too ripe for most purposes. Of course, this makes them perfect for making peach fruit leather. I cleaned them up, cut them up, and placed them in the blender to create peach puree. Because these peaches were deliciously sweet, I didn’t add any sweetener. While I need to get a little more consistent with the thickness of the puree on the drying sheets, they turned out well. Even the ones that were a little too crisp made yummy fruit leather sheets. (They wouldn’t…

My New Dehydrator

Posted in Homemaking, and Homesteading

I was so excited when I was finally able to order a dehydrator as it’s something that I’ve been wanting for several years. Thanks to saving up Amazon gift cards (some from my Swagbucks* search as well as some that I’ve received for special occasions), I ordered the dehydrator a little over a week ago. Now, I could dehydrate the food that we couldn’t get to before it went bad. Yes, freezing works well for many foods, but the idea of being able to store food without the freezer and in a smaller space was definitely a draw for me.…

Learning Traditional Baking and Cooking Skills

Posted in Homemaking, and Homesteading

One of the things that we’re currently working on in our home is learning more traditional baking and cooking skills. While I do know some about preserving, I thought it would be nice to jump into learning more skills such as yogurt making, sour dough baking, and creating homemade treats for the pups. I love kitchen gadgets – just ask anyone who knows me and they’ll confirm that. lol! Yet, this time, we’re going a bit old school as I don’t have fancy gadgets to make all of this work. The first thing that Munchkin attempted was making yogurt. She…