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Tag: Climbing

Topping First Boulder

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

Learning to climb has been an adventure which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I’m sure a huge part of that enjoyment comes from the fact that learning to climb has also meant spending extra time with my husband which, to me, is always a good thing. He says that I’ve come a long way since I’ve started, but I don’t always see the improvements as I tend to see all the things that I can’t do. When I was able to push past the final moves of a boulder and top it, it was a pretty huge deal. For me, it’s…

Outdoor Living with prAna

Posted in Family, Outdoor Adventures, and Reviews

prAna sent me the Mantra pant and Ravena top for the purpose of writing this post. As soon as we had a break in the high summer temperatures, we knew that it was time to hit the trails and the boulders. D had a long weekend thanks to Labor Day, so while we did have some work that had to get done, our main focus was having some fun in the park. We decided that we’d split our time between climbing at the gym and hiking and climbing in the park. We’re fortunate to live in an area that is rich in…

National Park Service 100th Birthday

Posted in Family, Outdoor Adventures, and Photography

In August, the National Park Service celebrated their 100th birthday. Unfortunately, we didn’t get out an explore like we wanted due to a crazy schedule and high temps in August. Thankfully, the temps decided to cool down over the holiday weekend, so we were able to get out and enjoy hiking, exploring, and climbing at Joshua Tree National Park. It’s always fun to get out and hike through the park. D and I are trying to make physical fitness part of our normal routine together. I’m looking forward to continuing to date my spouse. I’ll take these hikes and climbing…

Family Rock Climbing at Desert Rocks

Posted in Family, and Fitness

Family rock climbing is a fun way to spend time together while incorporating fitness into our routine. A little extra time off for the kiddo and husband meant we got to do a little more climbing this past weekend. We decided to try out a rock climbing gym that we had stopped by a little while ago. We needed a little change from our regular small climbing gym. Desert Rocks has a bouldering area, a top rope wall, and a different gym that had regular top roping and auto-belay climbs. Their routes are labeled beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Within those…

Climbing as a Family

Posted in Family, and Fitness

I first started climbing mainly to keep my husband company as he climbed. Munchkin was his original climbing partner, but her college schedule and studies limited her climbing time. I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try as he wanted a climbing partner, and I wanted not only to have a fun way to stay in shape but also spend more time with him. I quickly learned that I enjoyed the challenge of climbing. While you climb with others, it really is an individual challenge. As a beginner, you don’t have to be better than the next…