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Giving Thanks: Chickens

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

Chickens have become such a huge part of our every day lives. While they don’t require a large amount of work on a daily basis, they do keep us entertained with all of their antics and songs. The biggest blessing for us has been the eggs that they provide for us. With the time change and less daylight, I thought for sure the egg production would go down, but we’ve been blessed with continued egg production. In fact, our girls all decided to lay an egg yesterday, so we had a dozen eggs in one day. That was a fun…

Crazy Chicken Life: Chicken Escape

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

Every morning, before the sun rises, I fill the chickens’ feed bin with fermented feed and let them out of their coop. Some come running out while others swoop out with a flap of their wings. A few chickens tend to follow me to the run door. The others go for the feed or start looking for bugs. Once the sun comes up, they get really active. Whether they’re getting excited about finding some bugs or they’re laying eggs and singing the egg laying song, they seem to always be making noise unless they are resting or sleeping. They get…

The First Egg

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

Our little chicks are all grown up. Their custom, fermented feed seems to have lead to happy healthy chickens. We were just waiting to finally see our first eggs. They were showing all the signs of getting ready to lay, but I wasn’t seeing any eggs. I even put out crushed egg shells for them in preparation for them laying their first eggs. They happily gobbled up the crushed egg shells. While we were waiting for them to lay their first eggs, I decided to redo the nesting box as I wanted something that was easy to access without needing…

Chicken Run

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

Continuing on with our theme of utilizing recycled materials for our chicken coop, I set out to make the chicken run out of as many recycled materials as possible. Of course, this means that things aren’t perfectly square or “just so”. Ultimately, the main goal is making sure the chickens are safe and happy. Like the coop, I used pallets for the gate to the chicken area and then to make a split door to the chicken run. I liked the idea of being able open up the bottom on the door separately from the top of the door. I…