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Tag: Canning

Turkey Tortilla Soup with Canning Instructions

Posted in Gluten Free, Homemaking, and Homesteading

I always like to take advantage of sales on turkeys during the holidays. Although we had some craziness with our Thanksgiving turkey due to UPS not delivering the turkey in a timely manner, I did end up making extra turkey later on which meant that I had some leftover turkey to use. Chicken tortilla soup is a hit around here, so I decided to substitute turkey into the recipe and make sure it was safe for canning. While we like the soup, we didn’t want to eat it all at once. This recipe can easily be made in the crockpot,…

Beef Stew Recipe for Pressure Canning

Posted in Gluten Free, Homemaking, and Homesteading

The weather is getting cooler, so it’s time to start making soups and stews. Since I have a pressure canner this year, I am able to can our stew for use later without having to freeze it. This means that it’s easy for Daddy to grab a jar of stew, warm it up, and put it in a thermos to eat for lunch. Making beef stew at home means you can control the quality and quantity of the ingredients. This beef stew recipe was a hit with my family, and it includes canning instructions for shelf-stable storage using a pressure…

Homemade Canned Cranberry Jelly

Posted in Gluten Free, Homemaking, and Homesteading

Munchkin and Daddy love their cranberry jelly. You know. The kind that comes out of the can in the shape of a can. This year, I really wanted to make my own so I could control the ingredients. I was able to use organic ingredients that were not processed or minimally processed. I decided to keep the skins on the cranberries so I used the blender to create the puree. I also decided to add just a little orange extract for a little brightness. I found the cute half pint jars and used those in addition to regular wide mouth…

Freezing Tomatoes

Posted in Gluten Free, Homemaking, and Homesteading

Did you know that you can freeze tomatoes for use later? You can freeze them peeled or unpeeled, whole or cut up. Normally, you blanch the tomatoes to get the skins off in preparation for processing them, but I cheat and throw them in the freezer whole. When they thaw (or when you run the frozen tomatoes under warm water), the skins slide right off, and then you can process them however you want. Freezing is also useful if you don’t have enough to do a full batch of sauce or whatever. You can just throw the tomatoes in the…