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First Snowfall at the Cabin

Posted in Family

Living in the low desert of Arizona, we didn’t get any snow, and we missed seeing the cold, white stuff during the winter months. When we purchased the cabin last year, we thought that we might get to see some snow during our time there. Unfortunately, we always seemed to miss out on the snowfalls. Our neighbor did send us some pictures, so we could see what we were missing. She wasn’t too thrilled with the heavy snowfall as it meant mucking out heavy, wet snow-filled stalls. Fast forward to Thanksgiving this year…. Much to our surprise, we received a…

Cabin Update: Shower

Posted in Family

We finally finished up the tiling in the bathroom shower during our time at the cabin. I can say, without a doubt, that I do not like tiling. lol! Doing grout – especially on those lovely river rocks – is also pretty low on my remodeling fun list. 😉 That being said, we are happy that the shower came together as we pictured. We still need to do some finish work like caulk and trim. We also need to eventually put up the glass panels, but we may just put up a shower curtain for now. The good news is…

Our DIY Rustic Wood Gate

Posted in Family, Homemaking, and Homesteading

One of the things that was on our “to-do” list for our next visit to the cabin was putting up a fence for the dogs. Now, we didn’t want to spend a ton of money, and we needed something that was easy as the ground is hard at the cabin. We looked at our different options, and just decided on t-posts and some cattle fence. The only issue was that I didn’t want to use a cattle or chain-link gate. I wanted something that looked nice. We finally decided that we would just make our own gate, so we could…

Our Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Posted in Family, and Homemaking

When we first purchased our cabin, we had a lot of clean-up to do around the house and under the porch. While we were doing the clean-up, we discovered a lot of wood that was used during the building of the house. Some of it was too far gone to be able to use, but we were able to save several large pieces that we thought we could use for some project later. We weren’t sure what we would use them for, but it seemed a shame to get rid of beautiful, rustic wood, so it was set aside in…

Trying to Stay Cool in Arizona

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I admit it. I took air conditioning for granted while we lived on base. Here at the cabin, we don’t have air conditioning. Nope, we have a evap cooler (aka swamp cooler) that can cool the main part of the house, but it doesn’t work in the bedrooms. It also doesn’t work that great on humid days, but at least it cools things off on those hot, dry days. We didn’t even have that for the first week that we were up here as it hadn’t been repaired yet, so I’m grateful for it even if it doesn’t work as…