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Marine Corps Nomads Posts

Flyfest in Springfield, Va

Posted in Homemaking

On Saturday, I was able to attend a Flyfest in Springfield, Va. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Have you ever heard of Flylady and the Dinner Diva? No, well head over to and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It was a great time of refreshing and learning for me. I enjoyed spending the day with a bunch of Christian women who were working on improving their lives. Talk about a positive environment. It was great. I came home feeling motivated and renewed. This was just a mini Flyfest. I hope to attend a full-scale Flyfest someday. I…

Cicis Fieldtrip

Posted in Homeschooling

Now, this was a yummy, fun field trip. We started off the day with a tour of the facilities. They showed us their large dough mixer where they make all of their own dough. Then, the showed us a VERY large freezer where they store the dough. They use the same dough for their pizzas, breadsticks, and cinnamon rolls. They just add the different ingredients. A gentleman in the back was getting the dough ready for some cinnamon rolls and breadsticks. Then, we went over to the pizza making area. They showed the group the dough press (no tossing pizza…

Study of Joshua: Crossing the Jordan River

Posted in Homeschooling

Right now, we’re studying the book of Joshua. This week, we’re studying about the crossing of the Jordan River. Once the people of Israel crossed the Jordan River, God instructed them to build a memorial. We decided to build our own memorial by writing the name of the 12 tribes of Israel on 12 different stones. Once Little Song Bird had written all of the names on the stones, she assembled her memorial and I hot glued the structure together. We were pleased with the end result.

Our Other Family Members

Posted in Family

We thought you might like to be introduced to our “other” family members. You know, the kind that can’t talk, but love lots of attention. Here’s the rest of our family. We had bunnies as part of our family for a little while, but it turns out that I was allergic to them, so we found them a new loving home.

Just Riding Along

Posted in Family

Today, D had an unexpected day off, so we decided to enjoy our time together. We enjoyed a nice picnic by the water at the park. Then we played some frisbee and rode around on our bikes. D made some adjustments on Munchkin’s bike so she needed to get used to that, so we were all riding around the yard. It was pretty funny. This evening we are relaxing and watching the new Curious George movie. It’s been a nice day together as a family.