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You are my happily ever after

Posted in Family

Personal Creations provided this beautiful you are my happily ever after canvas to help D and I focus on our relationship this year. I hung it over our bed to provide a lovely visual reminder that we need and want to continue to work on our relationship every day. It’s hard to believe that D and I are coming up on 20 years of marriage this year. We were young – junior high young – when we met. We knew in high school that we were going to get married. What we didn’t really know at that point in time…

Focus – 2017 Word of the Year

Posted in Family, and Thoughts

I have not been able to come up with my 2017 word of the year. I had many ideas, but nothing seemed just right. Yesterday, I was reading several blogs where they were talking about their word of the year and their goals for the year. I still hadn’t nailed down my word, but I was slowly weeding out the ones that weren’t a good fit. This morning, I realized that my 2017 word of the year at been there all along. In many ways, my answer was in the search. This year, my word of the year is focus.…

Decadent Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Posted in Gluten Free

Mashed potatoes aren’t just for Thanksgiving, and they certainly don’t need gravy to taste delicious. These decadent loaded mashed potatoes are not light nor are they low in calories. My daughter and I like to eat them as a meal while my husband prefers to have them paired with veggies and meat. I like to start off with organic russet potatoes, but I’ve also used red or yellow potatoes when I didn’t have russet potatoes on hand. I scrub the potatoes really well before peeling them and removing any dark spots. Try to cube the potatoes in roughly the same…

Scenic Views of Ernie Maxwell Trail

Posted in Family, Outdoor Adventures, and Photography

One of the things that I love about living in the high desert of CA is the ability to leave the dry, sandy desert behind and head to the mountains. Fresh air. High altitudes. Snow. Trees. The scenery completely changes as you head up the mountain. We have beautiful scenic views in the high desert, but we miss actually being among the green trees of the mountains. We very rarely get snow were we live, and when we do actually receive it, it’s not more than a light dusting. To enjoy snow, we drive to the mountains. A large section…