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Marine Corps Nomads Posts

The Complete Jewish Study Bible

Posted in Christian Life, and Reviews

When sitting down to study scripture, it is important to understand the culture and customs during the time period when the Bible was originally written. As I read more in this Jewish Study Bible, I realize that my education in Jewish history and customs is lacking. I have studied some Jewish history and a minimal amount of Hebrew, but I’ve never really dug into it like I wanted. This study Bible is a nice starting point for those studies. While you can dive right into using the Bible, I found that I got more out of it by spending some…

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Topping First Boulder

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

Learning to climb has been an adventure which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I’m sure a huge part of that enjoyment comes from the fact that learning to climb has also meant spending extra time with my husband which, to me, is always a good thing. He says that I’ve come a long way since I’ve started, but I don’t always see the improvements as I tend to see all the things that I can’t do. When I was able to push past the final moves of a boulder and top it, it was a pretty huge deal. For me, it’s…

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The First Egg

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

Our little chicks are all grown up. Their custom, fermented feed seems to have lead to happy healthy chickens. We were just waiting to finally see our first eggs. They were showing all the signs of getting ready to lay, but I wasn’t seeing any eggs. I even put out crushed egg shells for them in preparation for them laying their first eggs. They happily gobbled up the crushed egg shells. While we were waiting for them to lay their first eggs, I decided to redo the nesting box as I wanted something that was easy to access without needing…

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Outdoor Living with prAna

Posted in Family, Outdoor Adventures, and Reviews

prAna sent me the Mantra pant and Ravena top for the purpose of writing this post. As soon as we had a break in the high summer temperatures, we knew that it was time to hit the trails and the boulders. D had a long weekend thanks to Labor Day, so while we did have some work that had to get done, our main focus was having some fun in the park. We decided that we’d split our time between climbing at the gym and hiking and climbing in the park. We’re fortunate to live in an area that is rich in…

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