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Looking Back

ESV Journaling Bible Review & Giveaway

Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing a review copy of this ESV Journaling Bible.

ESV Journaling Bible from Crossway

When I was really little, I remember being told to never write in a book or Bible. As I got older, I was encouraged to underline or highlight verses that stood out to me as I was reading scripture. By junior high and high school, it was okay to make some notes in the Bible. There was still some controversy over whether you should take notes directly in the Bible or to write in a notebook or on a bookmark. I did a little bit of both.

When you inherit a Bible from someone dear who has passed away, there is something really special about seeing their notes in the Bible. It’s probably this idea that allowed me to move past the idea that it was wrong to write in a Bible. I still find myself writing both in my Bible and having a journal as not everything needs to be written directly nor will everything fit.

The ESV Journaling Bible has a fabric covered board cover

Recently, I’ve watched the idea of Bible journaling really take off. This took the idea of notetaking in a Bible to a whole new level as it was adding an artistic flair to it all. I’ve seen some amazingly creative and artistic drawings. Some people add drawings with their notes. Some draw/sketch/write in the margins while others draw over the words in the Bible. I’m personally not a fan over drawing over the words, but the beauty of Bible study with journaling is that it really is a personal experience.

I received my new journaling Bible right before my migraines started in full force, so I haven’t even had a chance to really get to use it much yet. What I really like about this journaling Bible is the fact that it has faint lines in the margin, so you really can use it as a journal in addition to adding art, if desired. It’s also beautiful. It looks and feels like a higher end journal with the cloth over board cover.

The ESV Journaling Bible has nice 2 inch lined margins

The Bible is 7 inches tall, 6 1/2 inches wide, and 1 3/8 inches wide. The margins are just under 2 inches wide. It also features a one-year Bible reading plan that allows the reader to read through the Old Testament once, Psalms twice, and the New Testament twice.

Giveaway for the ESV Journaling Bible from Crossway

***ESV Journaling Bible Giveaway*** This giveaway has ended.

Do you want to try your hand a Bible journaling? Propeller Consulting, LLC is providing an ESV Journaling Bible for one of my readers. Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway. If you have won a prize from Propeller / FlyBy Promotions in the last 30 days, you are not eligible to win. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only. Giveaway ends November 18, 2015.

Veterans Day – Thank You for Your Service

Thank you for your service

D had today off from work due to Veterans Day. He hasn’t always had off or even been around for Veterans Day, so I was really glad to be able to spend some extra time with him. We went grocery shopping this morning as saw a sign at the store that talked about what it was to be a veteran. I’ve seen several of these this year which I thought was pretty cool. I like seeing our veterans honored even if it’s something as simple as saying thanks for your service.

Munchkin has met several veterans in her classes which she thinks is pretty cool. She says she enjoys talking to them and wishes she had time to sit down and really hear their stories. I have a feeling that some day she will do some interviews with vets from different eras. I know that I always enjoyed being able to really sit down and listen to the stories, the experiences. Looking back at my younger years, I know that they didn’t share the full stories with me, but I was still thankful for what they did share. The younger generation really needs to understand the sacrifices that were made for them.

So today, and every day we get a chance, we say thank you to the veterans and to the families that supported them each step of the way. When I heard this song today, I knew that I wanted to share it as it did a nice job remembering those who served.

Hey there again. I really appreciate all the comments you’ve been sharing with me about the song “We Remember”! I played this song a few nights ago at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville at a concert series I’ve been hosting there once a month called Sam’s Place. It was the first and only time I’ve performed it live except for the “living room version” I posted yesterday and it was a pretty special moment. After recognizing those in the audience who have served or are currently serving our country as well as their immediate families I dedicated the song to them. I just received a “bootleg” copy of my performance of the song and thought I’d share it since it’s Veteran’s Day. (If you didn’t read the story about this song inspired by my Grandfather and Purple Heart WWII Veteran Rubel Rudd it’s in the post just before this one.) I hope you enjoy it and as I said before, If you are someone who has served or is currently serving our country or are a family member of someone who has or is serving, please know, we are grateful, we are thankful and “We Remember”.God Bless You,scc

Posted by Steven Curtis Chapman on Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Happy 240th Birthday Marines!

Happy 240th Birthday Marines

Happy 240th Birthday, Marines!

Reflect on our history, remember those who have sacrificed and reaffirm your commitment to the strengthening of our Corps. — 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert B. Neller

10 November 2015


When the Continental Congress raised up the two battalions of Marines in 1775, it launched the greatest fighting force the world has ever known – a force revered globally for its uncommon valor, unparalleled adaptability, and ferocious tenacity. Over the past 240 years, the battlefields and equipment have changed, but the spirit of the United States Marine Corps has prevailed in every clime and place.

One hundred years ago, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island opened its doors as the first base dedicated solely to making Marines. Since then, hundreds of thousands of men and women have been forged into elite warriors at Parris Island, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, and The Basic School in Quantico. Each recruit had a different reason for stepping onto the yellow footprints, but all are unified by the intangible traits that characterize United States Marines and the remarkable legacy that has carried on across generations.

Whether you served on the hallowed grounds of Belleau Wood, fought on the iconic island battlefields of World War II, navigated the harsh terrain and climate of the Chosin Reservoir or Vietnam, conducted assaults during Desert Storm, marched on Baghdad, fought in the close combat in Fallujah, or conducted combat operations in Afghanistan, everyone who wears the Eagle, Globe and Anchor is a member of the storied legacy.

As we celebrate the 240th birthday of our Corps, we pay tribute to all who have served and we remember our fallen heroes. We take great pride in our legacy and in the fine men and women who carry our colors into the future. And we extend heartfelt thanks to our families for their steadfast support.

Our 26th Commandant, General Louis Wilson, once said, “In the last analysis, what the Marine Corps becomes is what we make of it during our respective watches. And that watch of each Marine is not confined to the time he spends on active duty. It lasts as long as he is ‘proud to bear the title of United States Marine.’” Thank you all for guarding the legacy of our Corps during your watch.

Happy Birthday Marines!

Semper Fidelis,
Robert B. Neller
General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commandant of the Marine Corps

Giving Thanks 2015 – Week One

Gratitude can transform

It’s become a bit of a tradition to focus on giving thanks during the month of November. Normally, I try to blog my way through the month as it makes me really focus on even the smallest things that often get overlooked when giving thanks. I fully intended on doing the same thing this year, but then I got hit with a migraine. I got ill, very ill, in conjunction with the first migraine. The migraine let up and then I got hit with another one. I couldn’t figure out the trigger. By the time the first week of November had passed, I had suffered three migraines. Talk about a rough week. Needless to say, I didn’t get any writing done last week. While it may not have been the best way to start of the month of giving thanks, I was definitely still giving thanks for some things.

Since Munchkin got her license last month, she was able to drive herself to college classes each day. I didn’t have to worry about how horrible I was feeling. I could rest and not try to push myself to drive with a migraine so she wouldn’t miss classes. I can’t even describe how nice this was as I could just rest and focus on feeling better rather than making things worse by pushing myself. I may not love the whole Munchkin growing up thing, but it certainly has some perks.

Right before the migraines hit full force, our family was able to go grocery shopping together for the first time since my ankle injury happened in June. (Yes, it’s been that long.) I was able to hobble along, and honestly, it felt really good (albeit painful) to be able to all go out together and do the shopping. While this may not seem like a big deal to some, I’ve really missed being able to do these ordinary things as a family. I look forward to being able to do more mundane things together as I continue to recover.

Finally, today, I was able to go grocery shopping on my own as both Munchkin and D were swamped this weekend with homework. I hobbled around on one crutch, found some great deals which helped partially fill up the freezer, and made it home without too many problems. This was a huge milestone. Running around doing errands is something I took for granted previously, but I’m now grateful when I’m able to achieve a simple grocery store trip on my own.

It’s been an interesting start to the month, but I look forward to seeing what else the Lord has in store for us this month. Life is a journey.

Our New Licensed Driver

Munchkin has her temporary driver's license.

Munchkin’s road to getting a license has been a long one mainly because she really didn’t have an interest in driving. Since she attends college classes every day and there have been a couple of instances where I couldn’t get over to pick her up right away due to some complications with other events, she slowly began to see the importance of being able to drive. With that realization and the expiration of her learner’s permit looming, she really applied herself to getting comfortable with driving.

We have 2 full size trucks – one of which is a lifted, manual transmission truck. She had learned to drive with those. Parking a full size truck is a little different than parking a small vehicle or a vehicle with a shorter wheel base, but she got the hang of it. She and Daddy headed over to take the driver test only to realize that she was unable to park my truck in the space given for the test. It just wasn’t possible to pass the test with my truck. Tears and frustration followed the failure to be able to park in the space.

Even though she was perfectly capable of driving and parking a full size truck in the real world, she was unable to pass the test to get her license with our truck. It was just too big. With that, the search began for a vehicle that she could use to pass the test. We were unable to rent a vehicle because she had to be on the rental agreement which, of course, the rental companies don’t allow as she was too young and didn’t have a license.

Munchkin testing out the mini cooper.

We were fortunate that someone had a mini cooper that they offered her to use. The catch? It was a manual transmission. Taking a driver’s test was stressful enough, so we weren’t sure if she could handle the addition of the manual transmission. She drove it for the weekend, but she just didn’t have time to truly get comfortable enough with it that she felt she could use it for the test. (D and I agreed that she would have been good had she been able to drive if for a couple of weeks or so. She actually does pretty well driving a manual transmission.) Needless to say, the mini, sadly, was ruled out.

When another person that D works with heard about the craziness, he offered his wife’s small suv for the test. D picked it up the night before the test, and Munchkin took the test and passed the following afternoon after she finished up with her college classes. Huge sighs of relief all around. I was talking to D on the phone when Munchkin drove in with the person giving her the test. She was smiling, so we knew it had gone well.

She’s still waiting for her real license to come in as she went to a small mvd, and one of the main offices sends out the real license. For now, she has a paper license. For us, it works. It’s a relief for all of us. Now, we just need to get her truck finished. It has a long way to go before it gets done. Funds and time have put it on the back burner more times than we would like to admit, but Daddy and Munchkin are hoping to knock out some work when they’re off for Christmas. We’ll see how it plays out. For now, we’ll just be happy that she has her license. :)