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Wordless Wednesday: A Special Gift

Tara's Equine Design Package

A special gift from her best friend made from Munchkin’s Dixie’s (her horse) hair.

Tara's Equine Design Charm

Tara's Equine Design Bracelet

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Introducing Graham – Our Newest Little Guinea Pig

Munchkin and Graham

When Teddy passed away on Saturday, Munchkin’s search for a new guinea pig began. (That’s how she deals with a loss of a pet.) She wanted to adopt a younger guinea pig. She searched guinea pig adoption sites as well as craigslist. She finally found a couple of male guinea pigs that were less than 2 months old. We learned that one of them was still available, so we drove to pick him up.

Graham 1

Poor little guy has a big scab on his nose. He was like that when we got him, so we’re not sure what happened. Thankfully, it’s starting to heal up.

Graham 2

Graham is now getting settled into his new home and getting more familiar with his new surroundings.

Graham 3

He’s learning the ins and outs of being in our home including what its like to have a girl who loves to give him tons of attention. He’s already starting to spend time with her as she works on her school work. He seems to like relaxing with her.

Graham and Alvin

Alvin is doing much better now that there is another guinea pig in the cage with him. He’s even coming out of his shell a little more and being a bit more social with us. ;)

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In Loving Memory of Teddy

Baby Teddy
Theodore “Teddy” was born on September 4th to Rosita and Choco. He was quite the little guy back then. Munchkin had a blast taking care of him and babying him and his siblings. Eventually, we sold Rosita and Teddy’s sisters, so he and Choco were quite spoiled as guinea pigs.

When Choco passed away, Simon and his son Alvin came into our lives. Munchkin and Daddy had gone over to adopt Alvin from someone who needed to get rid of their guinea pigs, and they ended up coming home with both Simon and Alvin. Simon was a HUGE guinea pig, and he was very loving. He kept the two youngsters in check, but sadly, he passed away shortly after we got him. We suspected that his weight and the food the previous owners were giving him played a roll in that.

Theodore Teddy

It wasn’t long before Teddy and Alvin were buds. Teddy spent the most time with Munchkin as he enjoyed the human interaction more than Alvin. In fact, he liked to spent time with her while she did her homework. Alvin, on the other hand, preferred to stay in the cage and just interact with Teddy.

In Loving Memory of Teddy

Teddy had been experiencing a some health issues over the last couple months, but Munchkin continually nursed him back to health. On Saturday morning, Teddy was running around and squeaking for food as normal. On Saturday afternoon, Munchkin went to get him out of the cage to spend time with him as normal and found that he had passed away. With many tears, she said her goodbyes.

Thanks for the many memories, Teddy. You were a great animal companion for Munchkin. You spent time with her as she did her school work and comforted her when she was sad. We’ll miss your silly antics and squeaks. Rest in peace sweet guinea pig.

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Rain + Dirt = Muddy Horses

Phantom and Dixie at the Cabin

While we were at the cabin, we received a lot of rain which was great as it was way to dry up there, and the rain was seriously needed. At first, we thought the horses may have a hard time settling into their new location, but they took to it fairly quickly. They loved being able to hear the horses at the neighbor’s place, and the bigger place to run was immediately tried out.

Phantom and Dixie at the Cabin

In fact, they were so engrossed in the new place that, for the first couple of days, they didn’t immediately come when I brought their food in the morning. They were eating and drinking like normal, but they would get distracted and come and go which is certainly not normal for these two.

Phantom at the Cabin

It took us a couple of days to really get the turn out area where we liked it for them, and we still have a couple of changes we want to make. It will work for now, and it’s safe for the horses. They didn’t seem to mind that it wasn’t complete though. They were curious and enjoyed being able to do at least a little grazing while there. ;)

Phantom and Dixie at the Cabin

What caught me a little by surprise was how much they loved the mud after it rained. Our horses quickly turned from their white/gray to brown. They had mud everywhere. lol! Even their manes and tails had a nice coat of mud. Who knew that they really wanted to be brown horses. ;) We told Phantom that he had missed a spot, so he immediately went down and rolled around a bit more until that little spot was covered. Yes, he’s a ham – a mischievous ham.

Phantom at the Cabin 2

They loved their time there so much that it was not fun getting them to load into the trailer. They didn’t want to leave. Thankfully, once we got back home, they settled right back into their place here. I do believe that they are missing the cooler evenings/nights and their mud. Granted, it’s not normally muddy at the cabin, but they certainly enjoyed it while it lasted. It made more work for us, but it was fun seeing their excitement and pleasure with the mud.

Our neighbor told us that their horses always do the same thing when it rains. It’s just not something that we’ve experienced here as we have very sandy soil. Yes, they roll in it – wet or dry – but the results aren’t quite the same as rolling in real mud. :)

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Wordless Wednesday: Rainy Day Sunsets

Cloudy Sunset

Due to all of the rain that we received while at the cabin, we were able to enjoy a great number of rainy day sunsets.

Rainy Day Sunset

Rainy Day Sunset

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