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Looking Back

Giving Thanks: Chickens

Eggs in a basket

Chickens have become such a huge part of our every day lives. While they don’t require a large amount of work on a daily basis, they do keep us entertained with all of their antics and songs. The biggest blessing for us has been the eggs that they provide for us.

Eggs with a Pumpkin

With the time change and less daylight, I thought for sure the egg production would go down, but we’ve been blessed with continued egg production. In fact, our girls all decided to lay an egg yesterday, so we had a dozen eggs in one day. That was a fun surprise as it was the first time that it had happened.

It’s nice to know that I have plenty of eggs for all of my Thanksgiving dishes, my fall baking, and my every day needs. I’m not sure if they’ll continue at this pace throughout the winter, but we’ll enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Happy 241st Birthday Marines!

Happy 241st Birthday Marines

Happy 241st Birthday Marines!

Each year on or around 10 November, Marines gather in groups large and small to celebrate our history, honor the memory of those who have gone before us, and rekindle the bond that unites all generations of Marines. This year, we mark the 241st anniversary of our Corps—241 years of uncommon valor, innovation, and combat excellence.

Marines, we are part of something bigger than any of us could imagine. Whether you fought in the battles of World War I, in the Pacific during World War II, in Korea or Vietnam, in Desert Shield or Desert Storm, or in the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan—or you are just starting out on your Marine Corps journey—we are all part of an elite family of warriors. For the rest of your life, the first term people use to describe you will be “Marine.”

When the Continental Congress stood up two battalions of Marines in 1775, a culture of discipline, vigilance, professionalism, and military excellence was born that has characterized our Corps for nearly two and a half centuries. As Marines, we have a profound respect for our traditions and heritage, and for taking care of each other. We know we’re strongest when we’re together as a team. Wherever you are celebrating our Corps’ birthday this year, look around at the Marines beside you and remember the bonds forged in training, in garrison, and in combat. Take this time to reconnect.

We are Marines for life. It’s our responsibility, our duty, to maintain and build upon the legacy of those who have gone before us. What we do today, guided by what we’ve learned from past generations, will determine the future of our Corps. So as we celebrate this 241st anniversary of our Corps, we also look ahead and prepare for our next success. Take pride in carrying our legacy forward.

Happy Birthday, Marines!

Semper Fidelis,

Robert B. Neller

General, U.S. Marine Corps

Commandant of the Marine Corps

Praying through the Bible for your Kids

Praying through the Bible for your Kids by Nancy Guthrie

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” ~ Proverbs 22:6

I started praying for our sweet girl before she was even born. As the years passed, the prayers continued, but the changed according to the stages of her life. Now, that she’s in college and approaching some difficult decisions about further education and a future career, I find myself, once again, praying in a different way. I also find myself praying that the Lord will bring the right people into her life to help her grow in her faith so that she might achieve the goals that the Lord has set before her.

With that in mind, I knew that I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to use The One Year Praying through the Bible for your Kids by Nancy Guthrie. I like to utilize a variety of resources to help me as I pray for my girl. This is a good additional resource in my prayer life for my precious girl.

Each day of the year has a verse, short devotional, and then a prayer. The devotionals and prayers aren’t geared towards a specific age group which is nice. Many of the devotionals/prayer books around these days are geared towards parents of young children, so it’s nice that this book works for parents of all ages of children. The devotionals aren’t in-depth. They are meant to be able to easily fit into your day. I would consider these as a supplemental Bible study that is geared specifically towards praying for your child(ren).

Doctor Who: 10th Doctor Costume

Time Lord with Sonic Screwdriver

“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.” ~Tenth Doctor, Blink

Time Lord Stance

What does a self-proclaimed geek wear when she wants to dress up for Halloween? Especially when the costume needs to be comfortable for both college classes and work? Well, if that geek is a bit of a Doctor Who fan, it makes sense to dress up as The Doctor. The hard part is deciding which incarnation of The Doctor she wanted to be. Munchkin ended up settling on the 10th Doctor as she liked his style. Plus, she knew that she could wear parts of the costume later on. Red Converse high tops are pretty cool. 😉

Time Lord

Originally, she was going to go with a suit as close to David Tennet’s suit as possible, but when we found this skirt suit, she decided to go with a more feminine look instead. Thrift stores were our friend. After we found the skirt suit for $3, we then located a soft blue collared shirt for $2 and the fun tie for $1. I had almost given up on finding a coat when I stumbled across this woman’s trench coat. While it isn’t exactly like The Doctor’s coat, it worked – especially since it was only $3. You can’t be The Doctor without a sonic screwdriver, so I purchased a sonic screwdriver that was also a pen.

Time Lord Open Watch

Since I had to be somewhere before she got up in the morning, I didn’t get a chance to see everything put together until she got home after classes and work. Daddy tied the tie the night before, so she could just slip it over her neck in the morning. She received lots of compliments on her outfit throughout the day.

Time Lord Watch

We wrapped up the outfit with a Time Lord pocket watch. For fun, I painted her nails blue with a little whimsical silver detail. She had fun being The Doctor for the day.

All Is Bright: A Devotional Journey to Color Your Way to Christmas

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This post contains affiliate links.

All is Bright Christmas Devotional and Coloring Book

I’ve enjoyed coloring from a young age and get a kick out of the fact that adult coloring books are now all the rage. When we were still in the homeschooling years, I often used coloring as a way to help my girl focus during a lesson. We would sit down and color together while watching an educational program. It was a fun, enjoyable way to relax. I’m glad that others are now learning how relaxing coloring really can be for people of all ages.

I like to keep an eye out for unique coloring books or activity books, so when I saw this particular book, I was immediately interested. I liked the idea of having a Christmas devotional book that included coloring. Yes, it was a bit early in the year (and warm outside) to be looking at Christmas items, but I couldn’t help myself.

All is Bright daily devotional with coloring pages

All is Bright features a daily devotional with coloring page for the entire month of December. The devotional is a single page. The coloring page is on the other side of the 2-page spread. The pages are not perforated for removal. Plus, the next devotional is on the back of the coloring page. The pages are nice and thick like a light-weight cardstock. In general, the coloring pages are detailed, but not overly detailed. These devotionals and coloring pages are geared towards adults or teens, but they would be fine for the entire family.

All is Bright kids coloring page

The book also includes 12 family activities which included a verse, discussion starters, and prayer followed by 12 coloring pages/crafts that can be used with the activity pages. Once again, these are not perforated, so you’ll have to rip or cut out the pages. It would have been nice if these pages were easily removed. The coloring pages/activities are more simple and easier to color. They are geared towards children, but they would be fun for all ages.

Colorable faith stickers

If you’re looking for a little extra coloring fun, you could also pick up one or more of these colorable scripture sticker packets. They would be great for stocking stuffers, advent gifts, or just little pick-me-ups during the holidays or throughout the year. The that faith sticks colorable sticker packets include between 20 and 64 stickers depending on the size and style of the colorable stickers included in the packet. They are also nice for journaling, notebooking, or scrapbooking.