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Scenic Views of Ernie Maxwell Trail

Posted in Family, Outdoor Adventures, and Photography

One of the things that I love about living in the high desert of CA is the ability to leave the dry, sandy desert behind and head to the mountains. Fresh air. High altitudes. Snow. Trees. The scenery completely changes as you head up the mountain. We have beautiful scenic views in the high desert, but we miss actually being among the green trees of the mountains. We very rarely get snow were we live, and when we do actually receive it, it’s not more than a light dusting. To enjoy snow, we drive to the mountains. A large section…

National Park Service 100th Birthday

Posted in Family, Outdoor Adventures, and Photography

In August, the National Park Service celebrated their 100th birthday. Unfortunately, we didn’t get out an explore like we wanted due to a crazy schedule and high temps in August. Thankfully, the temps decided to cool down over the holiday weekend, so we were able to get out and enjoy hiking, exploring, and climbing at Joshua Tree National Park. It’s always fun to get out and hike through the park. D and I are trying to make physical fitness part of our normal routine together. I’m looking forward to continuing to date my spouse. I’ll take these hikes and climbing…

Exploring, Hiking, and Climbing

Posted in Family, Outdoor Adventures, and Photography

First off-road trip in the desert with the Jeep. We had a little 4-wheel-drive problem, but D got it up and running. It’s always good to be prepared when you’re out in the desert exploring. My favorite part of exploring, hiking, and climbing? Hanging out with this guy. I treasure our time together. The caves made by fallen boulders were really cool and provided a great reprieve from the hot sun. Hall of Horrors was a fun area to explore. It has some intense bouldering and climbing areas. We had a blast exploring all of the various boulder caves. I…