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Under the Arches

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Project 365 – #071 My blog has been on auto-pilot all week long.  Today is the first day where I am actually posting live since last Friday.  Why?  Well, D had a work conference in San Diego this past week.  Munchkin and I decided that we would tag along with D.  We packed up the 5th-wheel trailer and headed over to the CA coast for a week of camping on the beach. The weather was beautiful even though it rained a little while we were there.  The evenings were on the cool side.  The breeze coming off the water made…

Exploring Bulldog Canyon Day 2

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Day 2 of exploring Bulldog Canyon was filled with fun, dust, and lots of rocks and boulders.  It’s sad to see our time of off-roading with Grandma and Grandpa coming to an end.  We were thrilled to have this time together.  We saw so much gorgeous scenery while we were out riding.  A couple of crazy spills later, D is a bit sore, but he doesn’t regret a minute of it as we had a blast. Project 365 – #027

Exploring Bulldog Canyon Day 1

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Since my Dad and Stepmom are here visiting, we thought it would be fun to head out exploring with our RZR and D’s dirt bike. Our RZR only seats 2 people, so we found a place that rented RZRs. Grandpa and Munchkin were in one RZR (the rental) while I drove Grandma in my RZR. D took the lead which, as usual, lead to some crazy times on the trails, but we had a blast. Here are some of the sights from today’s trip to Bulldog Canyon. Project 365 – #026 This area is stunning. We’ll be heading out for…

Hiking Old Stamp Mill Trail

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On Sunday, we decided to head out and enjoy the Lord’s creation by having a picnic by the water and then hiking the Old Stamp Mill Trail at Picacho State Park.  Little did we know that our idea of having a picnic by the water would be foiled by a windstorm. Project 365 – #025 As you can see with this picture of D walking towards us, the wind was really kicking.  We decided to find a more sheltered spot away from the crazy wind to enjoy our lunch.  After lunch, we began our hike.  The cool breeze felt nice…

Exploration and a Hike

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We decided that it would be fun to take Grandma and Grandpa over to an area that we briefly explored before – the water in the desert area.  This time, we wanted to hike up to a mine area that we saw from our parking space near the water.  We had hiked a short way up the road, but this was a chance to really explore and hike up to the top of the hill. Yesterday, I posted a couple of pictures from the top of the hill.  When we started the hike, the top didn’t look that it was…