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Category: Homesteading

Paw Protection with Ultra Paws Dog Boots

Posted in Homesteading, and Reviews

Special thanks to Paw Posse for providing the Ultra Paws Dog Boots for us to test out with Wiley.  Around here, the summer temps soar which means the desert sand gets hot – really hot. Even the callused, rough paws of our two crazy pups have to be protected in the heat of the day on hikes. The problem is that many types of dog boots don’t stay on well – at all. That’s not the case with Ultra Paws Dog Boots. Ultra Paws Dog Boots have a unique 2 velcro-strip fastening system with foam comfort pads that allow the…

Off-Grid Living on a Small Scale

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

One of the advantages to having a 5th wheel trailer is that we can go camping comfortably in almost any type of climate. Yes, it costs a bit more to get to places as we’re hauling a big trailer, but we also don’t have to be concerned with finding food we can eat or having a comfortable – bed. We just bring it with us. Here in the southern Arizona there are many spots where we can go dry camping for free. The only cost is however much it costs to run the generator or propane tanks (fridge and stove).…

Learning about Homesteading

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

As we move closer to D’s retirement years (well, retirement from the military), we’re starting to really give serious thought to where we want to live as well as how we want to live. We’re making decisions about living near civilization or living off-grid. In northern Arizona, where we’re seriously looking to settle, living off-grid or at least partially off-grid is the norm. We’re looking at the costs associated with hauling in water where wells aren’t always an option. We’re comparing costs associated with heat such as fire wood, propane, and natural gas. We’re researching solar power and generators. Whew!…