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Creation Rim Tour at the Grand Canyon

Posted in Family, Homeschooling, Outdoor Adventures, and Photography

To celebrate Munchkin’s graduation, we headed over to the Grand Canyon to take a rim tour with Canyon Ministries. Our day started rather early as we needed to meet our guide – Guy – in Williams by 07:00. We all piled into the tour vehicle, and Guy began to tell us a little about Canyon Ministries and what we’d be doing that day. Unfortunately, Munchkin was not feeling well, but she was not going to miss this opportunity. She immediately started peppering Guy with questions which I think he liked as she was totally engaged in the tour. She was…

Graduation Open House

Posted in Family, and Homeschooling

The graduation had passed, so it was time to celebrate with friends and family. Given that we’re gluten free, the entire celebration was, obviously, gluten free. I wanted things that I could, for the most part, make ahead of time, so I wouldn’t be as rushed on Saturday. We started off our meal with lasagna, salads in a jar, and fruit salad. We kept the beverages simple with water and coffee/tea from the Keurig. The dessert table featured the fossil sugar cookies, strawberry cheesecake, and the fossil cake. I also put some of the candy chocolate rocks in cups for…

High School Graduation 2015

Posted in Family, and Homeschooling

It’s hard to believe that a little over a week has passed since Munchkin graduated from high school. While our homeschool journey has come to an end, learning will never end. We’re already preparing for college and other learning endeavors. Graduation day started a bit early for us as we had to travel to the graduation venue. Even though it made for a long day, I was glad they did the rehearsal and ceremony on the same day. We met up with family for lunch at Chick-fil-a before dropping Munchkin off for the rehearsal. Munchkin had fun getting to know…

May is Graduation Month

Posted in Family, Homeschooling, and Thoughts

I’m going to apologize in advance because, during the month of May, I’ll be sharing a lot of things that are graduation related as we prepare for Munchkin’s graduation. I have plans for graduation gift ideas, open house ideas, decorations, and a variety of other things. Hopefully, you won’t get tired of me posting about everything leading up to the graduation as well as the graduation and open house. It’s a pretty big event for us, so we’re rather excited about celebrating this milestone in Munchkin’s life. While we know that Munchkin will be attending community college for at least…

Final Chapter of Homeschooling

Posted in Family, and Homeschooling

It’s hard to believe that we’re in our final chapter of homeschooling. In a little less than two months, Munchkin will be walking across the stage to receive her high school diploma. Where has the time gone? Earlier this week, we received the information on the graduation ceremony, and her diploma was ordered. As we wrap up her final high school classes, we look to the future and what it may hold. Preparations are being made for college, and decisions are being explored for different career paths. My little girl is blossoming into a beautiful young lady both inside and…