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Family Rock Climbing at Desert Rocks

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Family rock climbing is a fun way to spend time together while incorporating fitness into our routine. A little extra time off for the kiddo and husband meant we got to do a little more climbing this past weekend. We decided to try out a rock climbing gym that we had stopped by a little while ago. We needed a little change from our regular small climbing gym. Desert Rocks has a bouldering area, a top rope wall, and a different gym that had regular top roping and auto-belay climbs. Their routes are labeled beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Within those…

Climbing as a Family

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I first started climbing mainly to keep my husband company as he climbed. Munchkin was his original climbing partner, but her college schedule and studies limited her climbing time. I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try as he wanted a climbing partner, and I wanted not only to have a fun way to stay in shape but also spend more time with him. I quickly learned that I enjoyed the challenge of climbing. While you climb with others, it really is an individual challenge. As a beginner, you don’t have to be better than the next…

Slackline Fun

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This post contains affiliate links. I purchased this slackline kit at a discount to provide feedback based upon my family’s experience with it. Do you remember when you were little and you tried to balance on anything and everything? Most kids start out balancing on things close to the ground and then work their way up to higher things. Munchkin loved trying to balance on a variety of things when we went for walks or to the park. As she got older, she liked to try to walk (with assistance) on rails and short fences. Balance beams at gymnastics were…

Fitness Friday: Keep on Walking

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When we went to D’s post-op appointment, the surgeon, when he learned of our daily walks, said that walking was perfect. It’s good for the body and good for marriages. I thought it was interesting that he would say that, but I also totally agreed with him. D and I have continued with our almost daily walks this week. I learned today that he has different plans for the walk based on how we’re doing that day. He’s been gradually increasing the distance that we cover as well as varying the terrain. It’s been good for my ankle recovery as…

Fitness Friday: Crutches No More

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Shortly before Christmas, I finally was able to say goodbye to my crutches. I was thrilled to be able to walk again unassisted even if I still wasn’t able to walk properly and without pain. I could, once again, move around freely and carry things around. I could even vacuum in a regular manner. Life became a little easier. I had made it my goal to be completely off crutches before Christmas, and thankfully, I met the goal. Since I knew that D would be having surgery shortly after the new year, I needed to be back to doing pretty…