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Sports Camp

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Munchkin started Sports Camp this week. It’s basically a cross between regular sports camp and VBS. She signed up for cheerleading. She’s having a blast! It lasts from 9 am to noon. Every day, the come home with a review sheet to complete. If they complete the review sheet and return it the next day, they receive an iron-on patch for their t-shirts. Once they learned their Bible verse for the week and recited it to their coach, they received an award. Munchkin said her verse today. She was extremely excited to learn the verse yesterday and wanted to have…


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D had knee surgery on July 18th. All went well though he was a bit out of it for the rest of the day. The next week had it’s ups and downs. Today, he went in to have the stitches removed. He is now allowed to put weight on the knee. He’s hobbling around now — hmmm… we may need to get a cain of some sort for him. He starts up at EWS next week, so it should be interesting…..

Making A Splash

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Get Ready for a Big Splash!!! Myrtle Beach Family Vacation June 2006 A fun, relaxing day at the pool in Myrtle Beach. Munchkin was having lots of fun with Daddy throwing her around in the pool. Grandpa and Grandma joined in on the fun while playing with noodles. Cousin R. tried to figure out her new floatation device and wasn’t so sure that it was going to work. Uncle T and Aunt H joined in on the fun while playing with Cousin M. Mommy took a few dips in the pool, but opted to take pictures most of the time.

Thursday’s Happenings

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Today (7/13), Munchkin and I headed over to Locust Shade Park to see Reptile World. It was a bit rainy, but we still had a great time. The show contained many different snakes including an anaconda and a python. We were able to touch the anaconda after the show which was a fun experience. Other things in the show that Munchkin found particularly interesting were the alligator snapping turtle and the alligator. All in all, a little rain didn’t spoil the show for us. Munchkin is learning about snakes in school, so this was a great way for her to…