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Category: Family

Wednesday’s Wonderings

Posted in Family, and Thoughts

My little girl was still sick today. I think she’s actually getting worse instead of better. Today, she’s added a cough in addition to the stuffy head and ear ache. Yuck! We didn’t even attempt school today since she was feeling so bad. Poor thing. Obviously, we didn’t make it to Moo Bingo. We’ll see about Linda Bailey tomorrow. I’m continuing my cleaning and decluttering. I was trying to focus on the entryway as it had gotten cluttered. D walked in from work and went WOW! I could hear him from upstairs. lol! He also walked into a house that…

Tuesday’s Happenings

Posted in Family, and Thoughts

Well, my little girl is still sick, so we didn’t get as much done as planned. I did run her over to Pizza Hut to redeem her Book It! certificate at Pizza Hut. (You know, earn free personal pan pizza for reading a certain number of books during the month.) We also picked up a few things from freecycle. 5 HUGE (50 envelopes each) boxes of hot chocolate and a wood/canvas laundry sorter for Michelle’s room. Gotta love freebies! I received my china protectors in the mail today (these are thanks to a gift certificate that I received for Christmas).…

Time to Catch Up

Posted in Family, and Thoughts

We had a wonderful Christmas and really enjoyed our time in Michigan with the family. We ended up coming home a bit earlier than planned due to some truck issues that D was having. Unfortunately, things haven’t gotten better in that department, so we’re really relying on the Lord to take care of the finances with the upcoming closing on the house. It will also be nice to have his truck up and running, so I can get my Suburban back!!! The weather has been quite chilly, so D hasn’t been able to ride his motorcycle to work. Thankfully, most…

Our soon-to-be new location

Posted in Family, Military Life, and Thoughts

That’s right. It’s getting to be that time again that we are preparing for another move. We’re surprisingly heading to Norfolk, VA. We’ll be starting house hunting soon as it looks like it might be difficult to find a decent house in our price range that won’t be a commute for D. We may go over and look this weekend since it’s less than 3 hours away. We’ll see. D is doing research to try to find out what exactly he’ll be doing once he gets there. It will be an adventure, I’m sure.