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Category: Family

Mommy’s Birthday

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Little Song Bird baked my birthday cake for me. It was her first cake ever, so it was a very special cake. She did a wonderful job with it including the yummy homemade frosting. I helped a little, but for the most part, it was her work.I loved all the gifts and cards that I received. Thanks to all who helped me have a nice birthday!

Sneak Peak at the Marine Corps Museum

Posted in Family, and Military Life

On Saturday, we were invited to a sneak peek at the brand new Marine Corps Museum. It wasn’t completely finished yet, but it was still amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished product. We’ve decided that we’ll just do 1 war or era at a time since there is so much to take in. They have actual airplanes and helocopters soaring overhead and tanks and other vehicles on the ground. The figures are cast from actual Marines in the area. They look very realistic. The grand opening will be on Nov 10th — the Marine Corps Birthday. D will…

Our Other Family Members

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We thought you might like to be introduced to our “other” family members. You know, the kind that can’t talk, but love lots of attention. Here’s the rest of our family. We had bunnies as part of our family for a little while, but it turns out that I was allergic to them, so we found them a new loving home.

Just Riding Along

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Today, D had an unexpected day off, so we decided to enjoy our time together. We enjoyed a nice picnic by the water at the park. Then we played some frisbee and rode around on our bikes. D made some adjustments on Munchkin’s bike so she needed to get use to that, so we were all riding around the yard. It was pretty funny. This evening we are relaxing and watching the new Curious George movie. It’s been a nice day together as a family.

Racing Along

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Someone was kind enough to give us several Matchbox/Hot Wheels race tracks. Munchkin and Daddy built their own track by combining several sets. Now, since they don’t exactly match… well… there’s a little taping involved. You have to watch out because you never know when one of the cars will go flying off the track.