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Marriage Monday: Encouragement

Posted in Christian Life, and Family

For this week’s Marriage Monday over at Fruit in Season, we are being asked to talk about ways that we lift up and encourage our husbands. This is one that I can easily write about as D has recently told me some of the things that I have done recently (and in the past) that really encourage and lift him up. It’s always nice when we get a nice little bit of help in that area. One of the main ways that I can really lift up and encourage my husband is by making sure our daughter and our home…

Marriage Monday

Posted in Christian Life

Christine over at Fruit in Season has started a new thing called Marriage Monday. I really like the idea of looking at our marriages on a regular basis to see if there is anything that we can do better. I decided to join in this week. Here are the 3 questions that were posed for this week: 1. How do the media, friends, extended family and other outside influences affect your attitude in your marriage? 2. What are some resources of encouragement for you in your pursuit of godly wifehood? 3. Where would your husband say he falls in your…

The Nativity Story

Posted in Christian Life, Family, and Reviews

On Sunday, a friend of ours invited us to attend their church for a special showing of the Nativity Story movie that is now playing in theaters. It was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend seeing this film if you have the opportunity. Our daughter loved it and can’t wait for it to come out on dvd so she can see it again. What a blessing. It also lead to several conversations about differences between the movie and scripture (though it was pretty accurate).