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✯ Outdoor Living

Everyone squeeze together for a group picture

Outdoor Living, for our family, is enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends. Spending time outdoors can be as simple as relaxing and enjoying nature or as complex as hiking a high mountain peak. It’s about exploring the world around us.

Snowy Hike on Ernie Maxwell Scenic TrailHiking

We like to hike as a family and as a couple. When possible, we bring our dogs with us on the hikes. Hiking with dogs has a unique set of challenges, but they love it. We do quite a few day hikes, and we’re working up to longer multiple day hikes.

It’s fun to mix up the hiking locations and terrains. This year, we’re participating in the 52 hike challenge where you do 52 hikes during the year. So far, it’s proving to be a fun endeavor.

Bouldering at Mel's DinerClimbing

I’m a novice climber, and D has been rock climbing a little over 3 years with some time off due to various injuries. We primarily enjoy bouldering and scrambling. We climb together indoors several times a week and have recently gotten into route setting.

 Alto Pit Camping AreaCamping

For a long time, we only did tent camping. It was the easiest and least expensive form of camping. We eventually graduated to a travel trailer when the heat became a problem in the south. Plus, it made it easier to go camping with the dogs when they couldn’t explore with us.tent camping, trailer camping, open air camping,

Eventually, we transitioned to a 5th-wheel that had a garage which allowed us to travel not only with the dogs but also with the dirt bike and RZR.

We still like the simplicity of tent camping, but D’s back often calls for a real bed.


For as long as I’ve know D, he’s loved going on off-road adventures. Prior to arriving in Arizona, our off-roading primarily consisted of muddy trails in his lifted truck. Arizona found us entering into the world of dirt bikes and a side-by-sides RZR.

Munchkin now enjoys driving on those off-road adventures. The addition of a Jeep has made things even more fun. Now, we just need to give the Jeep a bit more power.

Doing a little fishing at White Horse Lake in Williams, ArizonaFishing

We don’t get to do nearly as much fishing as we would like due to being in the high desert, but it is something that we all enjoy. Munchkin always wants to go fishing when given the opportunity.