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✯ Homesteading

Homestead Pasture

Homesteading, to our family, is a way of living that promotes a more self-sufficient lifestyle. It allows us to live a healthier lifestyle by growing and preserving our own food. Raising our own animals is another step towards creating our own little homestead.

Homesteading also means getting creative with various projects including taking care of our home and vehicles. We do as much by ourselves as possible which ties right into being more self-sufficient. Often, we are learning as we go. If we don’t know how to do something, we do some research and jump right into the project.

View of Living Room from Loft

Log Cabin

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a log home. It was a long road, but that dream became a reality when we purchased a log home on acreage. Owning a log home comes with unique projects to keep it in good condition – especially if the packrats have decided it’s a great place to hang out.


We thought we’d have horses one day, but they ended up coming into our lives sooner than planned. Our rescue horses came home with us instead of staying at the rescue.

Chickens begging to be fedChickens

Chickens were always in the plan, but it was more of a long term goal once we got settled. I was pleased when I got to bring them home ahead of schedule. They provide loads of entertainment and a fresh supply of eggs.

Summer SquashGardening

Gardening is always an adventure in the high desert. We’ve battled with all kinds of critters and the weather. Each year we learn a little more. We plan on utilizing the knowledge gained each year to create a more stable garden.

Dehydrating NectarinesDehydrating

When you have extra fresh fruits and veggies during the harvest or from the farmer’s market, it’s nice to put them up for later. I’ve been working on this skill as time allows.

Dehydrated food is also great for our outdoor adventures as it’s lightweight and easy to pack.

Cooking with Dry Red Kidney BeansCanning

Home canning enables you to be able to put up quality food for longer term storage. I was one of the people who was intimidated by canning. I had heard some horror stories about explosions and what not, so it took me a little while to really jump into canning.

I now am a huge fan of both waterbath and pressure canning. It’s nice to be able to open a jar of fruit, veggies, or meat whenever we want and know the quality of ingredients contained within the jar.