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Making a quick stop at the Big Bear Discovery Center
Faith ~ Family ~ Outdoor Living
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Marine Corps Nomads Mission

Our goal is to inspire busy families to incorporate healthy living into their lives with outdoor adventures, delicious meals, and quality family time ideas.

The Marine Corps Nomads Family

Our family is currently stationed in the high desert of California, so we’re having fun exploring the surroundings around us. Adding horses and chickens to our life has definitely added new challenges as well as joy to our life. It has also brought us one step closer to the homesteading lifestyle that we look forward to enjoying in the future.

Daily life around our place can get a little crazy as we balance all of the various activities in our lives including school, work, outdoor activities, and our homestead which has an ever-growing entourage of animals.

Big Bear Family Picture

I, Heather L, am a happy homemaker and mother.  My hobbies include writing, reading, cooking, baking, crafting, diy projects, and a variety of outdoor activities. I’m having fun learning new skills like food preservation and gardening that will help us once we move to our homestead. Yoga and rock climbing, especially bouldering, are my latest adventures. Ultimately, it’s all about enjoying the journey of life with my family.

Munchkin is an amazing teenage girl who loves to create things.  She enjoys exploring, archery, horseback riding, and reading. She loves to write and illustrate her own stories thanks to a very active imagination. She’s pursuing her paleontology/geology passion by attending a local college. Upon graduation with her associates degree, she’ll be pursuing a degree in her other passion – graphic design and animation.

D is an active duty Marine who loves his job.  He works hard, but he also knows how to play hard.  He’s an excellent husband and father. He’s also in college right now which makes our crazy life just a little more interesting.

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