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Adventures in Puppyland: Waynoka’s First Christmas

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Waynoka’s arrival has caused quite the stir around the homestead. She’s all puppy with her playful personality. She loves to cuddle, so we thought it would be a very loud, active Christmas. Instead, we were treated to a relaxing Christmas day as the pups all decided to take the day off from their loud play.

Waynoka watching the fire in the fireplace

Waynoka seemed to enjoy her first Christmas. At first, she wasn’t sure about straying from her normal routine, but she soon saw that it could be ok to do things a little differently every now and again. Each of the pups received a new treat as well as new toys. They all had fun playing with the new toys, and they were able to eat their own treats without any fighting.

A fire in the fireplace held Waynoka’s attention as she gazed at the dancing flames. Of course, she really wanted any spare kindling (sticks) that happened to fall as we carried them in from outdoors. She enjoyed relaxing and playing by the warmth of the fire.

Wiley Waynoka relaxing with the fire

We were so thankful for a relaxing Christmas day as a family. While a new puppy is a lot of work, she brought loads of joy to our day. It was fun seeing Christmas through her eyes as she experienced everything for the first time.


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