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Month: December 2017

Adventures in Puppyland: Waynoka’s First Christmas

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Waynoka’s arrival has caused quite the stir around the homestead. She’s all puppy with her playful personality. She loves to cuddle, so we thought it would be a very loud, active Christmas. Instead, we were treated to a relaxing Christmas day as the pups all decided to take the day off from their loud play. Waynoka seemed to enjoy her first Christmas. At first, she wasn’t sure about straying from her normal routine, but she soon saw that it could be ok to do things a little differently every now and again. Each of the pups received a new treat…

A Furever Home for Christmas: Waynoka

Posted in Family

I’m happy to introduce Waynoka (graceful in Shawnee). At 9 weeks old, she’s a sweet and energetic shepherd/boxer mix who loves to cuddle. Thankfully, she’s young enough that the fact that this is her 3rd home doesn’t seem to have had any negative effects on her. M adopted Waynoka with plans for her becoming a therapy dog. It was nice to be able to give a rescue dog a furever home for Christmas. A new pup on the homestead has certainly created a bit of a stir with our other dogs. It will take a little time for her to be…

Gluten Free Omega 3 Trail Mix Recipe

Posted in Gluten Free, and Homemaking

This naturally gluten free trail mix is packed with omega 3 goodness. It can easily be customized for taste preferences, but I personally love the sweet, salty combination of dried cranberries with nuts. Toss in some dark chocolate chunks for a more indulgent treat. I’ve found that this particular mix helps calm cravings in between meals or in the evenings. It gives an extra boost when I feel like I’m dragging. It’s a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, iron, protein, fiber, and other vitamins. It doesn’t have any cholesterol. If you use unsalted nuts, it will also…