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Life with Rescue Dogs

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Life with rescue dogs is an adventure. Wiley listening to the coyotes.

Life with rescue dogs is always an adventure.

Their crazy antics are ever entertaining. There are moments that you want to get mad at them because they’ve done something bad, but their sweet puppy dog eyes mellow your anger and melt your heart. Even if you do get mad, you can’t stay that way very long as they wiggle their way back into your good graces. It doesn’t take long until you’re back to cuddling with them.

Life with dogs is always an adventure. Wyatt cuddling with his girl.

Rescue dogs have a special way of pulling at your heartstrings.

You know their past, and you want the best life for them once you bring them home. They can come to you with anxiety, distrust, health problems, and a variety of other special needs, but they seem to know when you’re welcoming them into their forever home. Some dogs take a little longer than others, but eventually, they put a permanent stamp on your heart.

Life with rescue dogs is always an adventure. Wiley begging for food

Wiley came to us scared and anxious.

Wiley struggled to get comfortable being in a forever home. From what we were told, he had come to the shelter as a young puppy found abandoned on the side of the road. He spent a year to a year and a half in the shelter before we met him and brought him home. He was scared and anxious. He was not housebroken. It wasn’t easy, but he eventually started to settle into his new normal. The addition of Wyatt to our home helped him open up more and become a part of our lives.

Life with rescue dogs is always an adventure. Wyatt relaxing after playing. Life with dogs is always an adventure.

Wyatt came to us malnourished with health issues.

We brought Wyatt home not too long after Wiley. We had gone to the pet store to pick up some supplies for our new furry family member and came home with another rescue dog and more supplies. Wyatt, as well as the rest of his litter, had been found on the side of the road. They were too young to be away from their mom, and they were malnourished. He, thankfully, was so young that he didn’t have the behavior issues. He was a just a ball of energy who didn’t know he was itty-bitty. He did have some health issues that manifested themselves at different times in his development.

Life with rescue dogs is always an adventure. Wiley and Wyatt steal the peanut butter

2 Rescue Dogs = Double the Trouble + Double the Love

The two of them together can definitely get into more trouble than when they are by themselves. They feed on each other with means extra insanity. The other day, they decided that they wanted the brand new jar of peanut butter for their own. I was not happy, but those faces… Double the trouble but it’s also twice the lovable entertainment. Their cuteness factor together is crazy, and they know how to get the attention their desire. A puppy look, a wag of the tail, a paw in the air… They’re too cute for their own good.

Life with Rescue Dogs is always an adventure.

Life with rescue dogs can be filled with a variety of different emotions, but the good far outweighs the bad. Taking in a rescue dog, let alone two rescue dogs, can be difficult but I would never take back that decision. Our crazy rescue dogs have made our lives much better, and there is some joy to be had in knowing that we’ve made their lives better as well.

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